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Terms for the cease-fire with the Dharkans had been drawn up that morning, so watch duty was a formality today, but not one he was about to shirk. Her face shone with fear but her chin jutted out, defiant. Of course.

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dating un tip swati

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She bent her head, eyes lowering.

But tonight they rested on the sea. Across the water, the outline of the coast of Dharka looked as if it was etched into the night—a shadow of reality compared to the starkness of the rocky Jansan cliffs below. Kunal longed to sketch it, capture the shades of moonlight.

He nodded briskly. Of course. I can take you there right now. This captain must really have a lot in common with the general if she was that worried. Kunal glanced up at his station at the top of the Fort.

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Even with the soldiers preoccupied by celebration in the courtyard inside, they would make their way outside at midnight without fail, only a quarter of an hour from now. He would have to make this quick before the western gates opened.

He made a note to remind the sentries to keep a closer eye on traders from now on. Kunal led the way to the footpath in silence, stealing glances at the girl when her gaze was dropped.

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But this girl. Her eyes. It bothered Kunal. Perhaps she was one of the daughters of the new trade leader? Or had just arrived on one of the trade ships from the Western Lands, across the sea?

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He scuffed his toe against the stones as they crested the hill to the back entrance of the Fort where the footpath lay. An unfitting decision for a dutiful Jansan soldier, especially now with his promotion. Are you all right? Her words were quick and unmeasured, a stark difference from her previous tone. Kunal nodded. She arched one dark eyebrow at him. Do soldiers normally go around frowning at imaginary people? A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

Only every other day. You caught me on a bad one. She chuckled, low and hearty. Where had that come from?

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The girl was now glancing at him as they walked, the grimness of her earlier expression gone, something mischievous in her eye. Is it always this chilly on this side of the coast, or did I just come on a bad day? She made a concerned noise.

dating un tip swati

The land has become more arid. When he inclined his head at her, she continued. She was smart, that was obvious. Kunal tried not to show his surprise at her knowledge. What made her different? Even in the capital? Must be serious, she said, chuckling. For a second she had looked as if she was going to say something else, but instead she changed the subject, asking about other news from the capital. Kunal told her what he knew of the new cease-fire, watching her out of the corner of his eye.

There was something about her, something fascinating, that compelled him to keep talking. They arrived at the start of the graveled footpath, following the edge of the cliff the Fortress sat on down to the sandy beach below.

A tendril of black hair escaped her uttariya and fell across her cheek.

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He considered the impulse, but his hands remained at his sides. Helping the girl was one thing. He shook his head as if to erase the thought.

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He needed to get back to his post before anyone noticed he was gone. Follow this path down to the harbor and you should be able to slip onto your ship before the captain notices, Kunal said.

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He hesitated. It was a bold question, but not without cause. He shook his head. No, I have to get back to my post. If you need anything, anything at all, wave.


Her eyes darted between him and the Fort. Thank you, she said, her words carrying a strange intensity. He nodded. It was a pleasure to meet you. He reached for her hand.

dating un tip swati

Startled, she looked up and he held her gaze, refusing to give it up. Kunal brought her hand to his lips. What is your name?

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She took her hand away and had to stop herself from clamping it over her mouth. What had possessed her to give him her real name? His warm eyes? Three weeks without regular human contact would drive anyone out of their mind, and it had turned her weak. Falling over herself and revealing her name for a handsome face and a kind word?

dating un tip swati

Who was she? She needed to remove herself from this conversation, finish her mission, and return home to feast with her friends and comrades. Maybe Harun. Esha looked at him standing across from her, his black hair blowing in the gusty wind. She took in every detail, sizing him up and folding the rest of the information away.

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He was a soldier, thickly muscled and sturdy, his brown skin tanned from days spent outside, she guessed. Scars crawled up his knuckles and a few dotted his shoulder, one carving into the edge of his full lips.

But his pale amber eyes revealed something gentle. Esha, he repeated. A violent wind ran through, causing the quiver of arrows slung across his back to rattle against his bronze cuirass, tangling with the uttariya thrown across his shoulders. He wore no turban to signify his status as many Jansan men did, but the bronze cuirass and gold cuffs were enough.

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In his armor, he was an arresting picture of strength, but Esha was drawn to his smile. It transformed his face from cold to surprisingly warm. There was a hopeful lift to his words. Maybe I can convince our cook that we need to add poppy seeds to all of our bread, he said with a small grin. Well, your fellow soldiers might blame you when they find themselves with horrible stomachaches.

Esha shook her head solemnly. She squinted at him. Think about it.

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At the very least, it would be an interesting tale. That is, if I managed to keep my head in said rebellion. She was doing her best to defeat her own traitorous smile.