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What are IC Sockets?

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Most of our everyday electrical devices contain integrated circuits ICs or chips which are installed on the printed circuit board PCB.

Most chips are soldered directly onto the board but sometimes they need to be interchangeable, or removed, and this is when an IC socket is used. The IC socket fits onto the board and holds the chip, protecting it from heat damage which could be caused by soldering.

Programmable chips are a great example where IC sockets are used, allowing removal for testing, programming or replacement due to failure.

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These have two parallel rows of pins, available in various numbers to match the relevant IC and are normally very cost effective. A larger socket can be created by placing two smaller ones together, end-to-end, e. SIL — Single in-line.

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This socket has a single line of pins and are frequently used in smaller applications like resistor arrays or boards with short lead pins, such as a desktop computer. These are important components that help to ensure reliable connectivity. They have two separate rows of electrical contacts or pins on either side.

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It’s a general rule that the more pins the higher the RAM it supports. These have a single row rs dating site pins which connect memory modules to circuit boards.

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They are space saving and can be installed at predetermined angles with positive polarisation to prevent memory modules from being inserted incorrectly. They are used mainly in older computers dating from the s to late s.

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