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B Vechile origini ale căsătoriei îi confirmă rolul central, însă ea nu a fost izolată de evoluțiile dreptului și societății. Dat fiind faptul că multe state permit deja căsătoria cuplurilor de același sex - iar sute de mii de asemenea căsătorii au avut deja loc - consecințele interdicțiilor de recunoaștere sunt semnificative și în continuă creștere.

The dose sites were alternated daily between the anterior and posterior areas.

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The dose volumes were derived on the basis of the density of the test article, 1. Immediately following dosing, the application site was covered with gauze dressing and secured with non-irritating tape. Six hours after test article administration, the gauze and tape were removed, the sites washed and rinsed.

The dose site of each animal was blotted dry prior to returning to the cage. Animals were paired for mating in the cage of the male.

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The same males and females were cohoused nightly until mating occurred or for a maximum of 14 days. After the mating period, any unmated females were individually housed in wire mesh cages.

Any of these females that appeared to be pregnant were continued on treatment until it was determined that treatment should stop, at which time, the females were transferred to a solid plastic cage with wood chip bedding in anticipation of parturition.

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The work performed by Ricerca in conjunction with this study was conducted in compliance with GLP regulations and subjected to review by the Quality Assurance Unit QAU of that laboratory.