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Boca, Amalia Zelmina o o xxo xxx For skill or ability — complexitydegree or movement precision;3. Dîrjan, C-tin. No EFS Magazine. The first twoclasses had the same results and they were categorized only by the number offailures made in the contest. HypothesisWe consider that an optimumrelationship of technical training and specificphysical training in performance weightliftingwill contribute to the improvement ofperformances achieved in competition.

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READ cm. NoTable no. Comparative analysis of the motor training indicators force, speed and resistance on initial andfinal tests of the witness and experimental groupRecordedparameters1 Standing start highjumps cm, forcespeed 2 Maintaining the legforward3 Maintaining the leglaterally4 Pne-legsquats5 Balancingthe feet no. Maintaining the leg forward 1, 2, 6. Maintaining the leg forward or laterally issubject to prior lower limb muscle strength butalso its mobility at coxofemoral joint level.

Die Gesellschaft ist in der heutigen Zeit recht offen, was diese Art des Datings angeht. Dennoch gibt es immer noch Menschen, welche diese Art der sexuellen Auslebung nicht gutheißen und ihr kritisch gegenüberstehen. Dennoch bringt das Casual Dating einige Vorteile mit sich, von welchen die Mitglieder der Plattformen profitieren. Es handelt sich immerhin um vollkommen freiwillige Treffen, welche auf dem gemeinsamen Einverständnis und Unverbindlichkeit beruhen.

Man trifft auf Gleichgesinnte. Das heißt, dass man sich sicher sein kann auf Menschen zu treffen, welche ebenfalls an dem Casual Dating interessiert sind. Das ist auf Partnerbörsen zwar nicht vollkommen unmöglich, doch sehr unwahrscheinlich. Wer sich gezielt auf die Casual Dating Plattformen begibt, kann davon ausgehen ein Mitglied zu finden, welches dieselben Interessen und Vorlieben teilt, um diese gemeinsam auszuleben.

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Oft bleibt es bei einem Treffen und die Mitglieder treffen sich nicht erneut. Dort suchen sowohl einzelne Personen als auch Paare nach Casual Dates. Der Betreiber der Seite legt einen sehr großen Wert auf ein hohes Niveau und auf einen respektvollen Umgang der Mitglieder untereinander.

Factorii biochimici si imunologici ai supraantrenamentului - Physical ...

Its evolution is very dynamic, so thepreparation that precedes and follows bothshould be modeled after the game competitive,which in turn must be known, to capturescharacteristic. Changing pattern of play will benefit ateam towards the verification team's findings ontheir study and the determination of data on theopposing team's game.

Aim is to highlight the pattern of play atthe junior boys basketball team TargovisteSchool Sports Club, the concept of training thejunior game and setting its strategy, the idea ofobtaining favorable results. These means are pursued: increasingthe overall efficiency of the game in attackand defense by improving technical andtactical drills usedimproving the qualityindices of the driving event, with specificemphasis on the game of basketball,improvement specialty positions, attacksystems man against man and zone defenseand zone defense systems and improvinghuman-to-man and zone defense pressing.

This superiority may create or redeem any classdifferences in defensive transition. Collective tactical actions:- Withdrawal of defense,- Slide;- Changing attackers;- Double marking;- Follow the panel.

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Preparation and content of this studyallowed me proper training category andrequirements of their age. General and special tests which we appliedwere those imposed by the FRB binding, testswhich influence participation in sportschampionship. In this paper we stopped the analysismodel players driving through the general andspecific evidence applied: speed - 30m running flat feet home vertical expansion "Little marathon" Running resistant - m specific evidence on the post fullback,wing, center free throwsThe results were converted into pointsafter "set minimum score for control samples of FRBasketball junior IAnalyzing the data obtained we can saythat there has been considerable growth from theinitial final testing for all athletes Table Nos.

Table 1 - Initial TestingNrcrt.

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Differences from one test to another areof 0. Better results were obtained in thesample holder and the "little marathon, anincrease of 2. Reprezentarea grafică a probei de viteză30mReprezentarea grafică a probei - detentă4.

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Chart 2 - running speed 30 mT. Chart no. Chart No. Comparing results from the final test, we canobserve that all athletes exceed the scalerequired for participation in the NationalChampionship, 68 points. Remarkable increases in values asfollows:- to sample "free shootings" - the skill ismanifested in the speed mode dating site drăguț all players haveregistered increases in the percentage ofshootings and in the number of markedshootings, difference between those two testsbeing by 1,13 good shootings.

These increases in value of specific testconfirm efficient training exercises unfolded generalin content. Reprezentarea grafică a probei motrice specifice-Aruncări libereReprezentarea grafică a probei motrice specifice-Aruncări pe post The results have emphasized the continuingneed to perform a thorough examination of theprocesses used in the preparation of individual andcollective team.

Alexe, Niklas - Cyber modeling and programmingin contemporary theory and practice of athletic training. No EFS Magazine. Bota, I. Theory and Methodology, Publishing Bold. Dragnea, A. Dîrjan, C-tin. For this purpose we have considered that anoptimum relationship of technical training and specific physical training inperformance weightlifting will contribute to the improvement of performancesachieved in competition. The study was centered round the training programs in order to test the level oftechnical and specific physical training; a monitoring of performance parametersevolution has been made statistically.

To highlight the level of technical and specific physical trainingduring casual dating mit niveau training of performance weightlifters, a study was conducted within theWeightlifting Olympic Team.

The study was carried out throughout two annualcycles period -formed of 10 macro-cycles, applied on a group of 9athletes, agedat juniors, youth and seniors classes. The results of the study highlight the level of technical and specific physical trainingof the weightlifters-subjects of the study and the dynamics of their performances in training cycles.

In conclusion, we are able to confirm that the provision of optimal relationshipsbetween specific physical training and technical training in performanceweightlifting helps to improve performances in competition. Key words: weightlifting, physical training, technical training, control trials,performance.

IntroductionPhysical training is one of the mostimportant factors and, in some cases, the mostsignificant ingredient of sports training inachieving the high performance.

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Bompa, The specific physical training content ismainly oriented towards the growth of effortcapacity that characterizes this sport branch,and towards the increase of the involved motorskills —combined in a primarily anddifferentiated way. Thus is determined thespecific yield. In some sport branches, theperformance is strictly established by thedevelopment level of a motor skill inweightlifting — by strength, in rowing — byendurance or of a complex of motor skills sports games, combat sports, etc A.

The expert use of strength exerciseshelps to restore the effort capacity; thealternation of the less involved muscle groupsand of muscle groups with maximum stress is acondition of workouts effectiveness A. Learning the techniques used in varioussport branches is generally characterized by thelaws and phases of motor skills and actions, ofcourse, with some differentiating, specificnotes, determined by the particularities of sportbranches.

Dragnea, Dragnea, S. The factor that ensures optimum conditions forsolving these problems is the rational sportstechnique without breaking the regulations ofthe competitionwhich helps the athlete to useefficiently the physical, functional andpsychological traits when lifting the barbellwith maximum weight L. Dvorkin, Purpose of the paper: to determine thelevel of technical and specific physical trainingin performance weightlifting.

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HypothesisWe consider that an optimumrelationship of technical training and specificphysical training in performance weightliftingwill contribute to the improvement ofperformances achieved in competition. Methods of research and proceduresThe study was centered round thetraining programs in order to test the level oftechnical and specific physical training,monitoring statistically the evolution ofperformance parameters.

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Subjects, protocol of conductIn order to emphasize the level oftechnical and specific physical training duringthe workouts of performance weightlifters, astudy was conducted within the WeightliftingOlympic Team. The study was carried outthroughout two annual cycles periodformed of macro-cycles, applied on agroup of 9 athletes, years old, in juniors,youth and seniors categories.

ResultsTable 1. Results of specific physical training levelNo. Table no. Results of performances in competitions initial testing No. Olympics 62 EC Seniors 69 EC Seniors 69 69 8 6 64 StoichiţăP.

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Olympics 69 - - - - -NC Seniors 77 CupNC Seniors 77 Olympics 77 18NC Seniors 94 European 62 EC Juniors 85 NC Seniors 56 Results of performances in competitions final testing No.

EC Seniors 62 WC Juniors 69 EC Seniors 77 EC Seniors 85 EC Seniors 56 WC Juniors 85 Figure no. Improved level of technical training of snatchlift and clean and jerk lift execution phases andsignificant differences between averages of eachstage.

In conclusion, we can confirm that theprovision of optimal relationships between specificphysical training and technical training inperformance weightlifting helps to improveperformances in competition. Bompa, T. Ex Ponto Publishing House, Bucharest, Dragnea A.

Didactical and PedagogicalPublishing House, R. Bucharest, Dvorkin L. Nicu A. Determinarea nivelului pregătirii fizice specifice şitehnice în haltere de performanţăRezumat: Scopul lucrării îl constituie determinareanivelului pregătirii fizice specifice şi tehnice înhaltere de performanţă. Pentru aceasta, amconsiderat că asigurarea unei relaţii optime întrepregătirea fizică specifică şi pregătirea tehnică înhaltere de performanţă va contribui la îmbunătăţireaperformanţelor în concurs.

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În studiu au fost luate programele de pregătire învederea testării nivelului pregătirii fizice specifice şitehnice, urmărindu-se statistic evoluţia parametrilorde performanţă.

Pentru aevidenţia nivelul pregătirii fizice specifice şi tehniceîn cadrul pregătirii halterofililor de performanţă,s-a organizat un studiu în cadrul Lotului Olimpic dehaltere. Studiul s-a desfăşurat în perioada a douăcicluri anuale -alcătuită din 10macrocicluri, aplicate pe un grup de 9 sportivi, cuvârste cuprinse între ani, la categoriile juniori,tineret şi seniori. Rezultatele studiului evidenţiazănivelul pregătirii fizice specifice şi tehnice ahalterofililor aflaţi în studiu şi dinamicaperformanţelor în cadrul ciclurilor de pregătire În concluzie, putem confirma că asigurareaunei relaţii optime între pregătirea fizică specifică şipregătirea tehnică în haltere de performanţăcontribuie la îmbunătăţirea performanţelor înconcurs.

Cuvinte cheie: haltere, pregătirea fizică, pregătireatehnică, probe de control, performanţă. Mots-clés: haltérophilie, entraînement physique,entraînement technique, épreuves de contrôle,performance.

The first twoclasses had the same results and they were categorized only by the number offailures made in the contest. Six of the athletes who started at the competition wereable to improve the result obtained a year ago. Keywords: jump, performance, testing. Jumping athletic events can be definedas specialized components, whose purpose is todevelop, through the interaction betweeninternal and external forces, an air trajectoriesof the center of gravity of the body generally ashigh as or longer Alexandrescu D, High jump, compared with long jumphas a much more complicated techniquelessnatural and, at the same time, marked a trendcharacterized by multiple variations andtechniques until he found the most sensibleoption - the overthrow dorsal MTS, FRA, Athletic jumps with fundamentaldifferences between the derivatives, in order ofsuccession of motor acts, are consisting of fourstages: the approach, the take-off, the clearanceand the landing Neder Paraschiţa, Between jumping phases are interrelationships,falling in a certain order ofsubordination, hence the significance of eachphase, depending on the specific and mostespecially for jumping.

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