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After such spam, the spamhouse will turn its attention on you and after several abuses your host will be forced to block your account for life. Your domain registrar will also block your domain permanently. All of the above will result in blocking your domain and hosting account for life. When a bright yellow bed sheet became the set for a cute little play within a play and a screen for some clever action with silhouettes, everyone started to cheer up.

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Clare Peddie from: The Advertiser Snap's Kakadu Club Lindi Jane Delivered by the talented ventriloquist Lindi Jane and the Kakadu Club characters via stories, jokes, singing and dancing that gets the younger set on their feet and parents clapping along.

The puppetry is varied with such creative concepts as having the characters at times portrayed by the performer himself, ensuring it can not be branded as just another puppet show.

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His Mr Punch is a particularly vivid and lively construction, nicely set up for his usual gleeful, naughty tricks which stretch into a lesson in anarchy. This latest version is made more colourful by having Preston's daughter Shivani, 10, out the front playing keyboard and all those terrible sound effects that accompany Punch's slapping and sticking.

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The puppets are lovingly built, full of character, and the performers are able to entertain parents and children alike. Tim Lloyd from: The Advertiser Tyrannosaurus Sex Pooka Puppet Company and Puppetvision IT really shouldn't work: a show about a penis suffering from size-related insecurity, surrounded by other penis puppets as he searches for true enlightenment.

Oh, and it's a musical.