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În a avut ocazia să viziteze expoziția de avangardă de la Armory Show. I think we need a proper legal definition of fake news. Tatăl lucra într-o fabrică textilă, și în orele libere lucra acasă împreună cu soția și copiii într-un mic atelier de croitorie.

Our impression after the first two phases is, that ETH Zurich will decide to run a permanent, centralized service for the preservation of relevant research data. Conclusion Although the digital age is well under way, till today at most universities one crucial detail remains to be worked out.

Only at a few places are existing written and accepted strategies, how to structure, collect, index and store vast amounts of digital information in a way that allows future generations of scientists to recover and to use it.

The scientists as data creators have to define, which data in which profoundness must be selected, the librarians are responsible for structuring and indexing the data, the IT people have to tell us, in which way on which technical platforms the data will be stored and the university managers have to allocate the financial resources.

Hedstrom, Margaret. Digital preservation. A time bomb for Digital Libraries. Klump, Jens et al. Data publication in the Open Access Iniciative. Lord, Philip, Mcdonald, Alison. Data curation for e-science in the UK: an audit to establish requirements for future curation and provision.

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Neuroth, Heike et al. Eine kleine Enzyklopädie der digitalen Langzeitarchivierung. Rothenberg, Jeff. Avoiding technological quicksand. Finding a viable technical foundation for digital preservation.

Smith, Vincent S. Towards a database of everything. There are analyzed the types of specific activities and the manner in which university libraries should respond, so as to support the transposition in practice of the strategic directions i A series of new services are proposed, based on the concept Future Internet wherewith a university library may contribute to the education process, in order to support the development of the cohesion education research innovation.

Key words: European strategy i, digital content, Future Internet, university libraries, service.

jeux de fille speed ​​dating

The paper summarises the actions proposed by the i European Strategy regarding the development of digital content in various areas. Specific types of activities are analysed along with the manner university libraries should respond in order to implement the strategic directions of i The paper presents a series of new services based on the "Future Internet" concept, services that allow an university library to contribute to the educational process supporting the development of education - research - innovation cohesion.

Two elements that are also defining the i have played a key role in the European programmes and strategies: Digital Literacy and avoiding of the "digital divide"; Development of digital content. Along with these two components, in the last years of the past decade a new approach was also added, namely the electronic services e-services.

The i Digital Agenda The Digital Agenda launched in September has the following strategic objectives: - a unique and dynamic digital market; - interoperability and standardisation; - reliability and security; - fast and super-fast Internet access; - research and innovation; - increase the degree of Digital Literacy, development of digital proficiency and inclusion; - social advantages of ICT in the European Union.

As it can be noticed, among these objectives, Internet access and Digital Literacy are directly oriented towards the citizen and implicitly towards electronic services.

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The main specific strategic actions, out of which, 23 are proposed by Member States aim for a "centred, sustainable and inclusive" growth of the European economy. Informatics in the 21st Century Trends At the end of the 20th Century, informatics was profoundly marked by the outburst of the PCs, software applications developed on this platform and spread in all domains of activity.

Besides, libraries, in the ample modernisation movement, have adopted the same jeux de fille speed ​​dating view. In the 21st Century, informatics seems to follow other directions, presented below: - shifting from PC informatics to general platforms made available to several users simultaneously; - development of complex hardware and software infrastructures, such as Grid, Cloud, etc.

In the last decade, the library sector was strongly influenced by concepts and activities concerning document digitisation. Financing of numerous research projects on national and European level oriented towards the "digital library" concept, in many countries, as well as European documents concerning the establishment of national digital libraries led to the emergence of numerous digital collections.

These are created in libraries as well as in other structures that don't necessarily have library functions but are employed in the process of information-documentation for various users' communities, researchers' communities, public employees, etc.

The emergence of digital collections implicitly led to the necessity of collaboration and cooperation on institutional and functional levels, directly affecting the services utilised.

In this respect Europeana Europeana Digital Library is significant. The existence of the digital content, sometimes its overlapping, brought to life new concepts such as users' management, digital collection management, etc.

These services can be found in a larger or smaller extend in computerized libraries with digital collections backed by an suitable software instrument.

The fundamental difference is the shifting from a service oriented towards library to a service oriented towards Web, wells fargo online dating by suitable communication networks. In a broader approach, this kind of services can be stored on CLOOUD type platforms, available for libraries and implicitly for users. In this respect the transition from the digital library to the virtual one becomes obvious.

The elements that define these two concepts are jeux de fille speed ​​dating in the illustration below: Digital library collection : o repository of digital documents and information managed with ICT instruments; o High performance computing resources made available for specific functions semantic search, automated classification and tabulation of information, automated keyword and knowledge extraction ; Virtual Library: o Shared repository of knowledges, physically dematerialized; 10 24 International Conference on Library and Information Science BIBLIO o virtual organisation administering digital and informatics resources for a community ensures the management of information, documents and users ; o collaborative environment for education and scientific research.

University libraries have all necessary elements for the development of content-based e- Services. The main arguments are: - numerous users that can also produce quality, up-to-date content in various areas professors and researchers activating in universities ; - the current trend in education of promoting e-learning systems; - suitable ICT infrastructures present in all universities high-speed networks, equipment, Grid platforms, Cloud platforms, etc.

On the other hand, objectives of universities related to the development of ICT abilities for students, along with study support on electronic media, concur in a definite manner to the emergence of procedures strictly related to e-services.

The schematic diagram of the operation-oriented e-services platform for Libraries is described as fallows: The functional scheme of the service platform for libraries Conclusions Creating hardware and software platforms to support e-services within a library may be a new approach towards modernisation of libraries.

Achieving such a model to comply with the present information trends involves a significant effort for organisation, standardisation and cooperation. Equally, the interoperability of library systems must have a central role in the strategy and the policy of creating a services platform for libraries.

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This implies the transition from "raw data" to the computerised service, thus e-services. Banciu, Doina, Năstase, Pavel. În: Computerworld, martiepag Banciu, Doina. Digital Libraries from Concept to Practice. The presentation of the Romanian network is followed by a study structured on four investigation directions: general information about the EDCs, staff and IT equipment; analysis of the websites; analysis of the collections and informational behaviour shown by the users; organisation of access to information and collaboration in the EDC.

Benefiting from the support of the Representation of the EC in Bucharest, these structures, integrated in the Europe Direct Network, ensure the communication of the priorities presented by the EU institutions and their development areas are subordinate to this mission.

Key words: European Union, European Documentation Centre, info-documentary structure, information resources, survey. Introduction was an exceptional year that witnessed the accession of Romania in the EU. The EDC mission is to grow, organize, process, enrich and host collections of books, serials, articles, electronic publications in the EU field, as well as to create the informational environment in order to support the educational and research activities about EU for the Romanian university community.

In keeping with this trend towards greater openness, the Library makes its collections accessible to non-specific users - the business community, high-school economy teachers and lawyers, economists - people with an interest in learning about the impact of the process of Community integration.

jeux de fille speed ​​dating

The aim of this paper is to present some results from research undertaken into the informational behavior of these new info-documentary structures users. Furthermore, data 27 BIBLIO International Conference on Library and Information Science from this research will be used in a future study to make a comparison between the preferences and the way of documentation of the Romanian customers and the users in countries where the first centres were established since the early 60s.

Romanian network presentation The evolution of the network meant 12 centres founded inas an effect of the application forms sent to the European Commission Representation in Bucharest; intwo other centres got successful admission; finally, has marked the entry of the most recent 2 new members in the Romanian EDCs family. This is a proof of our pro-european orientation and redefining the libraries and universities according to the information needs of the 21st century new customer.

In terms of network architecture, 13 centres are operating in public and private universities, 2 centres are hosted and coordinated by Central University Libraries and 1 centre in a Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This diversity of structures which have chosen to integrate an EDC renders the specificity of the Romanian network, taking into account the fact that on European level this kind of centres are run in the universities.

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The analysis of the map with the geographical position of the network figure 1 highlights the equilibrium as regards the disposal on the territory as well as the fact that the important universities host this kind of centres, with a few exceptions.

Among the tools and services provided by an EDC we mention: 1. Assistance and training to use resources and for information retrieval; 3. Figure 1. For example, the students from the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry are interested, while elaborating Toxicology papers, in European legislation and policies related to this subject i. Contamination via chemical products. Typically, the documentation and information resources owned by an EDC provide both high level documentation and general information.

The first category includes books and periodicals printed, jeux de fille speed ​​dating CDs, DVDs, and online databases, and the second - brochures, posters, flyers distributed free of charge by Publications Office.

Even more, when there is organized an event about the communication priorities of the European institutions, the EDCs have the possibility to order free of charge from the bookshop, as privileged partners, publications which would support that particular activity. Cu toata dorința lui Man Ray de a se detașa de trecutul familiei sale, numeroase elemente din meșteșugul croitoriei și-au găsit ulterior amprenta în arta sa: manechinifieruri de călcatmașini de cusutace de cusutace de siguranțăațeresturi de stofe, etc.

Immanuel a studiat în anii la Liceul de băieți din Brooklyn Brooklyn's Boys High Schoolunde s-a evidențiat la materiile artă și desen tehnic. După absolvire, a primit o bursă pentru a studia arhitectura la Universitatea Columbia. Spre dezamăgirea părinților, el a preferat să se ocupe cu pictura.

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Părinții i-au creat în acest scop un studio într-una din odăile locuinței. El a rămas în casa părintească încă patru ani, vreme în care s-a străduit să -și cizeleze meșteșugul de pictor, imitând mai ales picturi și desene din secolul al XIX-leași s-a întreținut din picturi comerciale și din ilustrații tehnice pentru mai multe companii din Manhattan.

Expoziţie a lui Constantin Brâncuşi la Galeria a lui Stieglitz, A devenit curând și un mare admirator al artei contemporane de avangardă, mai ales al maeștrilor moderniști europeni RodinCézanneBrâncușiPicassoetc. Dar, cu puține excepții, nu era încă în stare să integreze aceste tendințe în propriile sale lucrări.

Anii - au fost pentru el ani de învățătură.

Mai întâi a asistat sporadic la unele lecții de la National Academy of Design și Art Students League din Manhattan, dar nu a putut să se adapteze metodelor conservatoare de predare de acolo, preferând începând din toamna lui cursurile mai puțin convenționale de la Centrul Ferrer Modern School of New Yorks Ferrer Center. La această din urmă școală, inspirata de idealuri libertariene l-a avut ca mentor pe Robert Henri și a beneficiat de o intensă și rapidă evoluție artistică.

Activitatea artistică la New York[ modificare modificare sursă ] Fotografia lui Marcel Duchamp în Rrose Sélavy, În a părăsit domiciliul familiei, stabilindu-se mai întâi în Manhattan, apoi într-o căsuță din colonia artiștilor Grantwood de lângă Ridgefield, New Jerseyunde a lucrat în domeniul publicității. În a avut ocazia să viziteze expoziția de avangardă de la Armory Show.

A devenit în curând prieten cu Duchamp și relațiile lor au rămas strânse în tot timpul anilor.

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Prima sa expoziție personală de picturi, multe din ele în stil cubist, a avut-o la Galeria Daniel din Manhattan în The consequences are dramatic. This can even lead to voter manipulation, and there is a lot of evidence that shows that this is exactly what happened.

Facebook is a very powerful platform with huge influence on our private lives, but also on our political life. If we want to safeguard our democracy, we need clear and strict rules for such online platforms. Transparency is good, but it is just not enough. We cannot leave it to companies like Facebook to decide who gets to see what political content just before the elections. We need to make sure that all voters have access to the same information, and we need to ban micro-targeting of political advertising.

Member States need to do this very soon if we want to make sure that the European elections in May are undistorted by dubious dark ads and by political manipulation. Ich denke, dass wir bislang als Parlament unseren Job gemacht haben. Ja, und wir haben auch die autokratischen Gebaren des EP-Präsidenten Tajani ausgehalten, dessen sogenannte Anhörung uns weltweit gewissermaßen zum Gespött gemacht hat.

Aber gut — wir haben eine Entschließung, wir haben Positionierungen, und wir haben ein vernünftiges Statement auch der Kommissarin. Jetzt wollen wir Konsequenzen haben, denn es geht jeux de fille speed ​​dating die Geschäftsgebaren von Facebook, die es zulassen, im großen Stil Daten für sogenannte Forschungszwecke zu benutzen — tatsächlich aber für politische Zwecke auszunutzen, zu missbrauchen.

jeux de fille speed ​​dating

Mit Cambridge Analytica wurde ja nicht nur schlechthin gegen Datenschutzrecht verstoßen, sondern gewissermaßen stabsmäßig Datenmissbrauch betrieben. Alles, was von Facebook zu hören ist, ist eine verbale Entschuldigung mit Engelblick gewissermaßen, ohne Garantie, dass so etwas nicht noch mal passieren kann und dass sich im Geschäftsmodell etwas ändert.

Eins will ich ganz klar sagen: Wenn Daten zu politischen Werbezwecken manipuliert werden, werden Wahlen manipuliert. Wenn Wahlen manipuliert werden, wirft uns das in eine vordemokratische Ära zurück und Wahlen werden zur Farce, und dann können wir auch — ehrlich gesagt — hier über sozialistische Einheitslisten abstimmen.

Deswegen muss gehandelt werden. Für Wahlwerbung muss es — wie im Offline-Bereich — Regulierungen geben. Wir brauchen Transparenz, wir brauchen Offenlegung der Finanzierungen; was wir nicht brauchen, ist targeted advertising.

Das muss wenigstens in Wahlzeiten verboten sein und ansonsten strengen Vorschriften unterliegen.

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Abgesehen davon, dass mich die Marktmacht von Facebook mittlerweile massiv stört, will ich noch eines sagen: Wenn wir im Fall Cambridge Analytica das Rennen verlieren, dann können wir die Freiheitsrechte der Bürgerinnen und Bürger auch zu Grabe tragen. An die Adresse des Rates: Im Übrigen bin ich der Meinung, dass die ePrivacy so schnell wie möglich beschlossen werden muss. Facebook has just appointed St Nicholas Clegg as jeux de fille speed ​​dating of global viber dating stickers. But, apparently, St Nicholas is going to put an end to all of this.

Facebook has lost the confidence of millions of people, but St Nicholas Clegg understands this well because he went through exactly the same when he was leader of the Liberal Democrats. Also, St Nicholas Clegg is qualified.

He speaks four languages fluently and can explain hypocrisy in all of them. Nonetheless, Sir Nicholas will do well. He will always be beloved as a lobbyist by the EU Commission and, for sure, the Commission is going to let Facebook off the hook. Toch volgt Facebook mij, en met mij dus miljoenen anderen. De Europese privacywet beschermt Facebook in dezen en mij niet.

Facebook is een monopolist. Facebook heeft ook een politieke mening. In Duitsland bleek Facebook kritiek op de sociaaldemocratie te blokkeren, maar antisemitisme niet. De Europese Commissie vertelde mij op 4 augustus daarmee geen problemen te hebben.

De Europese Commissie beschermt Facebook, maar niet de joodse gemeenschap. Voorzitter, voor veel mensen ís Facebook het internet, voor sociale contacten, maar ook voor het nieuws.

Dat nieuws wordt door Facebook gefilterd. Alleen keurige — linkse neem ik aan — meningen komen door.

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Facebook beschermt zijn uitgangspunt, niet de vrije pers. Voorzitter, de Europese Commissie heeft afspraken gemaakt met Facebook met het oog op de komende verkiezingen. Verhalen over nepnieuws en beïnvloeding van kiezers rechtvaardigen volgens de Commissie dat meningen goedgekeurd of verwijderd moeten worden van internet.

De Europese Commissie heeft echter van Moskou niets te leren over beïnvloeding. De Commissie beschermt de Europese Unie, niet het democratisch proces. De Europese Commissie heeft een probleem met kritiek op de euro, kritiek op de Europese Unie, kritiek op migratie, kritiek op de islam. Die kritiek wordt samen populisme genoemd en moet bestreden worden, maar laat die kritiek nou net mijn mening zijn.

Ik denk dat de Europese Unie als zodanig een bedreiging voor de vrede en het welzijn van de lidstaten is, en dat is een mening die op Facebook geen plek heeft.

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  • Familia și anii de tinerețe[ modificare modificare sursă ] Primul născut al lui Meleh Radnitzky și Mania, născută Luria, emigranți evrei veniți recent din Lituaniagubernia Kovno Kaunas a Imperiului RusMan Ray s-a născut în la Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mijn kritiek had ook geen plek in de resolutie waarover we gaan stemmen, want al mijn amendementen werden weggestemd. Dat is ook geen wonder. Net als Facebook en de Europese Commissie beschermt ook dit Europees Parlement zijn eigen positie, niet die van de burgers. Diane James NI. But just let me remind you, both Twitter and Facebook have conducted the investigations. They have conducted those with the relevant political commissions, in relevant countries, and concluded, conducted, been approved, negligible impact.

Well, can I ask you, will you take steps to stop billionaire George Soros from funding an anti-Brexit campaign with multimillion pound donations? Buduje zdrowe relacje między użytkownikami, twórcami i nadawcami treści oraz organizatorami komunikacji. Facebook to nie tylko kluczowa firma, ale i organizator komunikacji.

Dlatego właśnie kwestia wiarygodności Facebooka jest tak ważna i symboliczna.