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J admets l idée que dans la traduction littéraire il y a des visions culturelles du monde qui sont incommensurables, mais je défends une autre : l incommensurable n est pas synonyme d intraduisible. It is as if postmodernism would redefine itself in a desire to comprise the past and would refer to the entire poetry written before …. At the same time they belong to different types and bear different names according to their way of living: in trees or under water, in the mountains or in the fields. The Fatal Sisters, who influence the destiny of a child are also found in the Slovenian and Germanic traditions.

Keywords: linguistics, Sorin Stati, word, cultural linguistic. Stories about different categories of words Sorin Stati is, undoubtedly, one of the most important and prolific Romanian linguists who managed to make major contributions in the field of structural linguistics: theories about language methodology, mathematical linguistics theories, a careful research of syntax and semantics field we have discussed this subject in the article Perspective lingvistice: teoriile lui Sorin Stati privind semantica etc.

Another branch on which the Romanian linguist focuses his attention is the culural linguistic field, analyzed in two of his volumes: the paper fromRomanian words.

A story of words, and the paper fromLinguistic journey in the muses country. The keyword specific for these two studies is, undoubtedly, etymology. Translated from Greek language, the term etymology means "the science of truth, sense". Sorin Stati says that this science "is actually a weapon - weak, at the beginning - to conquer the answer to a question as elementary as disturbing: why each thing has a certain name and not another?

Stand We must specify that the present paper does not follow a comparative analysis of ideas dating beauty queen patay Romanian linguist, but a synthetic rendering that reveal a new approach to the linguistics research, which Sorin Stati uses it, one more easy to understand by the reader, specialist or not.

For this reason we have not given an increased attention for the purely scientific aspects, but rather for the presentation of the ideas and the original writing, which gives the impression of reading a novel and not a scientific research. The Romanian linguist believes that "no one needs an explanation of the word The practice of speech, the oral and written communication, is the motor for the proper functioning of the two said conditions.

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The relationship between thought and language is fundamental to the human development, in general, and for the vocabulary, in particular. These prescriptions are linguistic rules, which develops in parallel with the social development. Thus, the researcher believes that a "story of words" must investigate three major problems: dating beauty queen patay how and why words are born; b why they change; c how and why they die.

The answer to these questions is given in the contents of a rigorous study of the wordRomanian words. A story of wordsstructured in two parts: The Story of the word and The words and the life. The vision of presentation of the novel ideas is like a linguistic fairy tale, in which the formal, scientific manner of expressing certain theoretical information is passed through the spectrum of the dramatic game for every theoretical aspect, for every word it is created a real "story" and all these "stories" are inserted into an encyclopedia: A story of words.

The direct relationship between semantic and phonetic is the mathematical formula of the word, which is formed by an sound shell the material aspect, the sounds and the letters and a meaning, a sense. The evolution of a word is closely linked to the two components mentioned.

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Therefore, sometimes some sounds disappear, others are added, others turns; and some meanings are lost, and others appear, and others turns. Starting from the definition of the word - "an dating beauty queen patay whole, being the name of a class of objects, events, actions, relationships characterized by a number of features that distinguish them from all objects, phenomena, actions, relationships expressed by the other classes Sorin Stati combat the equivalence: word - class of objects.

The linguist identifies three cases of nonequivalents: 1 the same category of objects, events, actions, etc. Floarea-soarelui Sunflower ; gospodărie agricolă colectivă collective agricultural enterprise etc.

The first case is that of synonyms, classified into three classes: a relative synonymy, ex. The main reason that led to the emergence of synonyms is, according to the researcher, the borrowed of foreign words by contact with populations who spoke all sorts of languages.

The second case is that of homonyms, which comprises two types: a total homonymy: ex. Usually, an old word, inherited from Latin, add one or more new words, taken from various other languages. There are four similar Romanian words mai : 1 ex. The third case is that of jointing words, which has two manifestations: a voluntary ex. About the birth and journey of words In the chapter "How were born the words of the Romanian language" Sorin Stati tries to provide an answer for the first problematic question of the " story of word".

Sorin Stati considers that the Romanian vocabulary base is composed of Latin elements. The spoken words of the Roman colonists, called inherited words, form the majority of the most important elements of our vocabulary "the main lexical fund" or "basic vocabulary".

With the inherit terms we call the relations between people, body parts and organ function, the animals and plants important actions of the forces of nature, different notions of home, work, etc. Also, at the "birth" of the words of the Romanian language contributed other influences, such as Slavic, Hungarian, German, Italian, English, etc. An essential feature of the words is, considered Sorin Stati, that they "travel": first, traveling with the population who use the words, secondly, traveling with the items they naming.

The question How to "invent" a word 62; 66 receives answers that consist of various concrete examples: for example the term daltonism was named like his inventor, Dalton; The word robot was invented by the Czech classic writer Karel Capek inwho used it in his play R. Rational - Universal - Robot etc.

In order dating beauty queen patay answer at the question "Why the words are changing? The first fact is the process of change of the sound shell of words. From Latin to Romanian, at the phonetic aspect, many changes occur at the level of the word: some sounds disappear, others are transformed and others are added.

The phonetic changes do not occur suddenly and simultaneously to all the speakers of a language. Another process, who answered to our question is closely linked to the meaning of a word. A "biography" of the word The second part of the study, "The words and the life" S. Stati ;has the point of interest the relation between word and social environment where it was "born", was developed and "died". The words, by their meaning, reflect the reality, in all its richness, our knowledge about reality.

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The words used by the modern 18 19 man to describe objects and phenomena are usually very old, and keeps the specific genetic code of the primitive thinking of their creators. The etymology of a word is the most comprehensive opportunity to learn its "story". Thus, Sorin Stati propose a crossing through history, dating beauty queen patay the "story" wire of the Romanian words, their origin being diverse. The first period analyzed is the ancient Rome. The beliefs and the superstitions of people have also led to the emergence of words.

The names received by children at birth were chosen by tradition, but they were carriers of meanings. The greco-latin antiquity is also rich in terms with interesting stories. Also in close connection with Roman antiquity is the issue of the name of the first five days of the week. In the middle of the sixteenth century appears the first newspaper in Venice.

The price of a copy was a -gazetă- the name of a Venetian coins. The publication was called also gazette. Another area that has contributed to the development of the Franklin dating amanda vocabulary was that of the science. The arithmetic was defined as the science of numbers since antiquity; in fact her name is based on the Greek noun arithmos number.

Aripi de vise - Parole sulle ali dei sogni ~ antologie internaţională - antologia internazionale ~

Chemistry dating beauty queen patay another area that influenced the emergence of new words such as -alchimie- from the Arabic word al-kimiya, which meant philosopher s stone etc. In parallel with science is put art music, plastic arts, literature.

The Story of the Word in the "land of the Muses" An explanation of the "the word After a careful presentation of the nine Muses Kleio, Euterpe, Talia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polimnia, Urania, Caliopethe Romanian linguist discusses various words specific for the arts represented by each of the Muses. The volume takes the form of an epic paper, in which the dating părinte văduv is the main character and he travels through the world of the old words, finding their "stories".

Stopping at a discussion about "the chosen of the Muses, the poets," Sorin Stati says that a number of Greek words in our language came in forms such as: poet, poem, poetry, poetic, and dating beauty queen patay develops the idea of "doing", "to compose". The linguist reminds us about the story that underlies the emergence of two controversial words: masochism and sadism. With the Austrian novelist Sacher of Masoch end of the XIX century we pass fro m moral pathological to the medical pathological: the perverse eroticism of Masoch s character bears his name - masochism.

For the second word, sadism, we have another famous novelist, the Marquis de Sadewith various novels. An interesting aspect regarding the diminutives is presented to us in the "The camouflaged diminutive": even though different, the words opera lyric-dramatic genre and operetta "small or short opera" are connected, the second is the diminutive of the first. Incidentally it is known in this case also who coined the word: Mozart, who introduced the word -Operette.

Sorin Stati says that "any artwork can not be discussed other than in words" S. Stati, 12 ; However, in the two volumes that we ve reviewed in this article, the linguist demonstrates us, that, in fact, the word itself is an artwork.

Presented as a story, having the structure of a novel, the analyzed volumes manage to keep a cargo of high 19 20 scientific value, through the theories presented, Sorin Stati bringing another major contribution to the evolution of linguistics as a science. Philippide, Al. Understanding and analyzing the coherence of these apparently different tracks of theoretical thought are integral to applying a heuristic approach of his work.

Keywords: beliefs, pagan, Christianity. Taking into consideration Moxa s religious background, it should not come as a surprise the fact that praising the Lord and His creation occurs so often in the text.

What can be regarded with a wonderous eye are the sorcerers, spells, fears, and habits of the people that gave life to the times mentioned under the chronicle s covers. The compilation of several sources of inspiration that made up The Universal Chronicle was completed in by the Christian Orthodox monk, Mihail Moxa, who signed his manuscript Moxalie meaning sinneraccording to an old practice among the monks for showing humility The first chapter of the writing is De începutul lumiiei dentîiu 1, where the monk finds it necessary to explain the undertaking of the difficult historian s role: 1 Vom lua acest greu, să-i și cu préget.

Ce darurile tale, iale ne răcoresc sudorile noastre Iată și noi, de cât ne iaste putérea, spunem cu adevăr. Moxa, 4v: 99 The writer s statement is legitimate, who did not state it in order to show off the high effort implied by the proposed approach, but to offer his reader an excuse with respect to errors of translation that he could have done, the excuse being repeated in the text: 2 Acestea cum ne fu putérea noi scrisem.

Moxa, 21r In what concerns the truth of those stated in his writing, the author agrees with the opinion of Lucian of Samosata, whose writings could not have been foreign to him, as he was a monk. The Greek satirist claimed that the historian should be bold, not bought, self-controlled, candid, impassioned for truth: Istoricul trebuie să fie îndrăzneț, nevândut, stăpân pe sine, neprefăcut, împătimit de adevăr. Diaconescu, 1. The chronicle s storyline ends when Constantinople is taken by the Turks, after having recorded almost 7millennia, to be more precise, years, the last chapter being titled De Ț[a]rigrad, cum l-au luat turcii 2.

In order to make the chronicle coherent, the Romanian linguist Nicolae Iorga implied that Moxa first connected the sources in Slavonic: a început înădind pe slavonește, înainte de a da o traducere românescă a corpului de cronici, a cronograf ului înădit de dânsul.

Iorga, 2. A historical book will always University of Pitești, 1 "About the beginning of the first world". Bogdan, 2. The storyline runs its course in Troy, where Priam ruled with his lady: 5 domniia Priam și avea doamnă, și născură dentr-însă feciori mulți, de-i chema ca vrea.

Moxa, 21r: In this chapter, titled Împărățiia Troianilor 3, the wrong translation of the source is notable. Moxa s assigning the premonitory dream to Priam, when actually his wife, whose name is not dating beauty queen patay Hecubais the one having it: 6 păru-i că văzu un tăciune aprins eșind den trupul mueriei lui și o déde de o parte vânt, de arse cetatea toată.

Și spuse acéstea filosofilor. Ei răspunseră că ară fi mai bine, ce va naște să-l arunci în foc. The writer often uses memorable phrases to refer at the immutable destiny: 7 Ce iaste să fie, nu se poate tréce. Deci cine ce face, lui face.

And he said these to the philosophers. They replied it would be better if he threw whatever she would give birth to in the fire ".

So, whatever someone does, he does it to himself". Moxa gives as example the Solomon s teachings from the Bible: 11 Ce era adevăr pilda lui Solomon: Certarea nebunului fluer iaste!

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Examples of witchcraft are given almost from the beginning, as pagans believed that some people could foretell the future: 13 Deci Enea cu câți notase cu nunsul feceră vraje și luară plăzuit, că le zise script să noate de acolea spre apus Moxa gives up the legend of Romulus and Remus, noting that they were found by a swine herd, whose wife called Lupa meaning female wolf had given birth to a stillborn.

They took in the twins and raised them as their own: 15 Iară Dumnezeu-i cruță că-i găsi un porcariu, anume Festul, și féce bine că-i duse acasă-și, iară muiarea lui, Lupa, născuse un cocon mort, că fu voia lu Dumnezeu.

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Strange things were found while digging for a church, as happened in Tulie s time, or even voices that asked people to found a city could be heard Eneas did : 16 săpând temeliia afund în pământ, aflară un cap de os, de curea sânge cum ară fi tăiat atunce, și-i era fața caldă, ca de om viu. The work that has been the subject of this study was accomplished by the monk s toil to compile several sources of inspiration, who added some more information when he felt appropriate.

Although he was an erudite monk, sometimes he made several translation errors, but by his lively manner of outlining the episodes in Romanian, the reader will certainly forgive his confusions. Writing a universal history, he could not have left aside the beliefs, practices, and some of the strage features belonging to the people he described in his chronicle.

Bringing God into the light, as well as stating that Christianity is the true belief, cannot be considered anything else but a logical consequence of the author s religious education that has been projected into his writing as well. For example, Saint Constantine the Great, the first christian emperor fought rentlessly against pagans, and thus he was praised by the author: 21 Și abătu de surpă casele idolilor și astupă capiștile unde purta ellinii sfara dracului, și le sfârși toată spurcăciunea lor.

Și deșchise beséricile creștinești, dating beauty queen patay se lărgi preste toată lumea ca cu un bucin de aur glasul lui, de la marginea pământului până dating beauty queen patay margini, să răsună cătră credința lui H[risto]s. Bogdan, I. And he opened the Christian churches, and his voice widened all over the world like a golden trumpet, from one edge of the earth up to the other edges, that echoed to the faith of Christ".

Investigation, observation and analysis, as the applicative methods in a deep experimental domain, are always requested to circumscribe, in a grammatical way, a newlyadded procedure which is valorizing-synthesizing for the same interpretation: human-wordbecoming. Or, the true identitary way, reality-fiction, at the level of a being s transcendence into something more than a being, should firstly be that of constructive deliberations; request of the right to life by free will:the eloquent case - Stefan Gaitanaru - the subject of preoccupations anticipates the author s will Keywords: syntax, fiction, reality.

Any launching in the world of self-knowledge by a word including the world of grammar, syntax in particular, is dominated by the cardinal advantages of those two phenomenal priorities: reality and fiction.

Elucidation of the role of parts of sentence, especially the main parts-is the case of logical placement to the formulation of a question and of course the intuition to determine their response. In the case of the first answer logic is suitable for the plan of reality with reference to a specific name, dependent on the state of the communicational situation. Or, the rigour function of a logical-semantic and functional principle in a language grammar keeps this competence of clarification the situations, meaning that at the normal level, the word grammar has the signification of accuracy in a varied sense of understanding.

Vocation and professionalism Once with the theories of functional and structural syntax, in completeness scholarly: Anatol Ciobanu - Petru Butuc, in the world of philological sciences, the Romanian reseacher Ștefan Găitănaru s work is increasingly insistent, in a complex monografic format, including Romanian Syntaxand the new edition of the work The Subject and The Subordinate Noun Clause So it happens in research at a time, that not the author leads the positioning of an action, but the logic of the interdependence of two or more interested people researcher-receiver in culmination of the over-elaborate truth.

That is detached also from his confessions in the preface of a work The Subject and The Dragons den dating site-ul Noun Clause : The chapter about the subject would have applicative character, but it raised because of a variety of morphological realizations of this syntactical position problem semi - independent pronoun, compound relative pronoun, names in other cases, not only in Nominative, not determining, etc Therefore, Not the same case is described in the chapter about the subjunctive subordination, where the author benefited because of existence of some deeper, larger things especially in literature, returning their aim to select and arrange argumentations which are often polemical to ensure understanding of the phenomenon in all its complexity on a consistent line With the reference to the second edition, This work dating beauty queen patay not absolute the theory of that from Cluj, which says that the Subject subordinates the Predicate, but analyzes the specific noun-verb relation and emphasizes the system of compatibilities from the sentence.

According to them, the Subject makes the theme of a sentence logical definition: thinking leaves himabout which something is said with the help of the predicate rema. That is why he selects the verb-predicate, ensuring the continuity compatibility of semantic marks.

Iordan Al.

In order to alert that This work has many bibliographic references It is primarily a challenge ibidem,p. The work of research should be that of provocation, the final aim of which is to follow continuous, creative performance. They are ofteh used by us, so we have the right to judge about what is on the other side- the autor s personality as a formative direct factor. Therefore, in a chapter Vocation and professionalism, in an outstanding work of Romanian Syntax, along with the most promenient, important figures of the nation, we paint with a big pleasure, enjoy the name of a person who is worthy to be Ștefan Găitănaru.

Anyway, the study of syntax, in general, has to be a challenge to the human intellectual knowledge, the knowledge of his own intellectual formation through a word.

The discussion itself is old, only the terminology related to it is different.

A professor-reseacher s role should be contagious with investigative force. With the reference to the second chapter ibidem, p. Găitănaru assumes the responsibility of an analytical approach of depth. Lovinescu, Istoria literaturii române contemporane, Ed. Minerva, Bucureşti, ; 5.

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Nicolae Manolescu, Despre poezie, Ed. Cartea Românească, Bucureşti, ; 6. Nicolae Manolescu, Metamorfozele poeziei¸ Ed. Timpul, Reşiţa, ; 7. Negoiţescu, Istoria literaturii române, Ed. Minerva, Bucureşti, ; 8. Negoiţescu, Scriitori moderni, Ed. Eminescu, Bucureşti, ; 9. Ornea, Tradiţionalism şi modernitate în deceniul al treilea, Ed. Eminescu, Bucureşti, ; Paralela 45, Piteşti, ; Mircea Cărtărescu, Postmodernismul românesc, Ed. Humanitas, Bucureşti, ; Ion Bogdan Lefter, Postmodernism.

Din dosarul unei «bătălii» culturale, Ed. Nicolae Manolescu, Literatura română postbelică, Ed. Aula, Braşov, ; Alexandru Muşina, Unde se află poezia, Ed. Arhipelag, Târgu-Mureş, ; Gheorghe Perian, Scriitori români postmoderni, Ed. Didactică şi Pedagogică, Bucureşti, ; Liviu Petrescu, Poetica postmodernismului, Ed. Cartea Românească, Bucureşti, ; Radu G. Ţeposu, Istoria tragică şi grotescă a întunecatului deceniu literar nouă, Ed.

Mihaela Ursa, Optzecismul şi promisiunile postmodernismului, Ed. Paralela 45, Piteşti, Apart from that, the cohesion as a system of the Romanian mythology could not become unitary due to some foreign influences: on one hand the influence of some Asian beliefs and myths during the great migrations ; on the other hand, the influence of the restrictive religious dogmas of Christianity.

Nevertheless, remnants of original Romanian mythology can be traced in a series of folk ceremonies of a mysterious character, for example the dating beauty queen patay of the old-womanish feasts in ballads, fairy tales or magic charms rituals, as the death watch in the north west of the country.

On the other hand, the Romanian mythology does not overlap a mythical geography ethnically or totemically marked.

20150401073848i Boldea Romanian Literary Perspectives Final PDF

Romulus Vulcanescu considered the round dance phenomenon as defining for the Romanian mythology, this being considered the emblem and matrix of the mythical spirit of the Romanian people.

As dating beauty queen patay matter of fact the specific space of the Romanian mythology has a dual configuration, being divided into this realm the daily world, the immediate reality and the other realm the fabulous, informal and upside down world. The characteristic space of the Romanian mythology is peopled with divinities of an extremely diversified typology. The objects vary more or less from one version to another.

Nevertheless they are all possessed of the same magic virtues which enable the hero to fulfill his task and come face to face with his beloved fairy a leather cap which conceals our hero from the eyes of all people, a rod of brass which helps him obtain command over seven tribes of Jins, a pair of sandals with which he walks on water, a whip which, when is cracked in front of his enemies, turns them all into stones. These divinities are not altogether Romanian, with an autonomous structure and finality.

More likely, they lost their initial purity, suffering multiple influences. The Dacian-Getic ancient mythology represents the 11 substratum of the Romanian mythology and it underwent numerous changes and mutations until the 16th century. The Romanian mythology has some specific features that model its physiognomy, gaining thus a particular status. Firstly, according to its philosophy, the world is peopled with evil spirits, mischievous demons that, nonetheless, can be defeated by human cleverness.

Secondly, the concept of fate is very well defined; fate is implacable, its functioning cannot be determined or influenced by human will. Even the human being becomes a trivial toy in the hands of destiny. Usually, this second realm is watched over or lived in by dragons and has the characteristics of hell.

At the same time the feats of the mythical heroes inhabiting the Romanian fairy tales have a purely ideal character, not looking for material gains. The lack of pragmatism is an essential feature of the Romanian mythology: every sacrifice of the mythical hero does not aim at an immediate reward but the shaping and strengthening of his own exemplary destiny.

Then comes another essential element: time. The distinction between absolute cosmic time and human time terrestrial is transparent in an obvious way. One of the most beautiful and interesting Romanian fairy tale, Youth Without Age and Life Without Death, imagines the existence of a timeless space, where time can be annihilated and where the virtuous hero gets to, after some initiating trials.

As soon as he gets out of it he becomes old very quickly and, after realizing how much time has passed, he dies. This fairy tale shapes the very specificity of the human condition, marked by time and undergoing change and ephemeral life.

Man, this tale seems to tell us, must assume his own condition, take advantage of it, being unable to overpass it. The ethical substratum of many Romanian fairy tales is thus essential because, from the adventures and feats of the mythical hero, a moral lesson is taught, everything being divided chameleon dating software good and evil, truth and lies, malignant and beneficial.

We can say that the Romanian mythology has, in its fundamental limits, an obviously pastoral structure; its cosmogony is pastoral and its typical divinities bear the pattern of a pastoral mentality. The fact that there are no mythical gods or characters to protect the fields, the cities or crafts show, beyond doubt, that the Romanian mythology stopped, in its evolution, at the archaic stage of grazing cattle and sheep and this gives it a particular and unmistakable appearance.

Our fairy-tales usually have a king and a queen as main characters or a prince and princess. Sometimes we have other characters: the son of a dating beauty queen patay boyar, an old man and an old woman, a hermit, etc. But all of them will eventually reach the top of the society. Parents usually have three searcy dating or three daughters.

The youngest of them always succeed in their enterprises. And this applies both to animals, things and people. Among the enemies of the heroes we can count the dragons, the ogres, anthropophagous giants or dwarfs, bad fairies who abduct people. The devil is not so important and is often taken 12 in through its own imbecility. Death is also mocked at and God is a kind old man lacking his religious halo. Vampires and were-wolves do not exist in dating beauty queen patay Romanian mythology.

The Fatal Sisters, who influence the destiny of a child are also found in the Slovenian and Germanic traditions. What we find in Illinois and Mississippi about witchcraft is almost identical with what is found in Romanian and Slavic stories: witches shaped as hogs or rabbits; they steal the milk of the cows, leaving them weak and sick.

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Senn There are two distinct worlds: the world beyond, under the ground, The Black Realm which differs very much from our real world, and The White World. On his way to accomplish the tasks, Prince Charming meets a variety of animals fish, raven, frog, bee, etc. The blackamoor, of Oriental origin, is a peculiar character in our fairy-tales. The real notions of time and space are not known in the fairy-tales.

Numbers are also important as in other mythologies and mystical faiths. Number three has a sacred value.

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He has three companions and he meets dating beauty queen patay devils who quarrel for three magical things. He visits three saints usually Holy Wednesday, Holy Friday, Holy Sunday who give him three tokens to get rid of the pursuer. One of the most used phenomena to animate the hero is the living water splashed after the dead water has gathered the chopped body.

The strong water gives the hero power. Sometimes the animation part is played by the blood or by the weed of life.

In the Romanian mythology the fairies are shaped as women and placed under the two ethical categories, the good and the evil.

The good fairies, more numerous, are beautiful virgins, very young and endowed with magic powers. They are always in favour of the honest hero, and have solutions at hand for the perils in which the perfect male character is usually Prince Charming-Fãt Frumos. But it happens that sometimes they punish the person who breaks a ritual for example the forbidden entrance onto their territories. The usual punishment is blindness.

The folklorist Simion Florea Marian in his Basme populare romanesti tells his readers that the Beautiful Ladies or the Little Beauties are music lovers, shrewd, and lure with their charms the casual travellers.

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People believe that they are invisible womanish creatures who live among the cliffs of the mountains and near the springs of the forests. They say that the Little Beauties wander singing divinely around the place where they live. If they come across a sleeping man they 13 take him with them without delay. After they have offered him victuals and he has accepted to eat and drink he becomes their property and his manly possessions are taken advantage of. Florea Marian: They are creatures of dating beauty queen patay collective fantasy and are characterized by shrewdness, quick thinking, interested politeness, power of judgement, physical beauty.

The myth of the Beauties is a native one and through their use in some legends, fairy tales and anecdotal short stories for children they begin to lose the mythical aura. Behaving like girls who want to get married they pass imperceptibly from the magic world of fiction into that of daily reality. Common to the Balkan area and not only is the wedding of a fairy with a handsome shepherd who plays on the flute.

Usually he gets the fairy by stealing her garment raiment, veil, kerchief, scarf and when she gets it back, through different means, she vanishes. In fact her powers are in her clothes and without them she is at the mercy of any mortal.