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Older Romanians may dress more conservatively, ensuring their legs and shoulders are covered. Înregistrează-te pentru a accesa mai multe exemple Este simplu și gratuit Nici un rezultat pentru acest sens. Try to finish all the food on your plate if possible, especially if it is home-cooked. Romanians generally love to host and show off their cooking skills. Many Romanian men are taught to show chivalry to women e. Similarly, Romanians expect others to provide for them fully when they visit in return.

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Bulimia fără purjare: cu post, dietă strictă sau exerciții fizice extreme pentru a preveni creșterea în greutate. Dieting can make the process of bodybuilding quicker and more successful. Dieta poate face procesul de culturism, mai repede şi mai mult succes.

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No extreme dieting and no intensive workout regimen. Fără diete extreme Effective for people who even when dieting consume substantial amounts of fat. Eficiente pentru persoanele care chiar și atunci când dieta consumă cantități substanțiale de grăsime.

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A slim figure achieved through dieting is more a myth than reality. O siluetă dobândită cu ajutorul dietei este mai mult un mit decât o realitate.


A person with anorexia often initially begins dieting to lose weight. O persoana cu anorexie adesea initial incepe dieta pentru a pierde in greutate. The most popular ways to lose weight would of course be dieting and exercising. Cele mai populare moduri de a pierde in greutate, desigur, ar fi dieta si exercitarea.

Dieting or reducing your calorie intake will affect your milk supply and energy levels. Guests should ask the hosts permission if they wish to smoke.

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Eating Romanians are generally very proud of their food and cooking skills. It is important to make an effort to try all the dishes they provide you and show appreciation for the cuisine.

Many Romanian dishes have meat in them. Let your Romanian counterpart know if you have dietary requirements in advance.

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Women usually cook, set the table and clean up after meals while men chat. It is polite to offer to help, although the hostess is likely to refuse. Toasting is usually a part of formal and informal lunches and dinners. Traditionally, one takes a shot of tuică before starting a meal.

Keep your hands visible above the table at all times while eating, and do not rest your elbows on the table.

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Soup is quite a popular dish in Romania e. Ciorbă, Iskembe, Borsh. It is best to let hot soup cool by itself rather than blowing on it.

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It is acceptable to soak up the remains of food on your plate with bread provided in casual settings. Expect to be offered second and third servings. If you are full, remember to be courteous and compliment the food while declining the serving.

You may have to decline more than once if the host insists out of generosity.

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Similarly, it is polite to offer to share your food with anyone who is not eating. Try to finish all the food on your plate if possible, especially if it is home-cooked.

This shows that you enjoyed and appreciated the meal.

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Gift Giving Gifts are generally opened when received. If giving flowers, the flowers should count to an odd number.

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An even number of flowers in a bouquet is associated with funerals.