Dating survivor

Nu ai voie să te întâlnești cu sora mea. You don't even have to meet me

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For Jan Marshall, life was good. She had worked hard, set herself up well, and was looking for a companion to share her future with. Just as countless thousands around the world do, every day, she turned to online dating.

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In just a few months, Jan believed she was 'in love'. She accepted a proposal of marriage, and then sent money - ALL her money - to a professional scammer.

How did it happen?

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How can an intelligent person be so thoroughly scammed? Jan courageously shares the details of her devastating experience, in order to help others recognise such devious swindlers who prey on trusting souls, and maybe even to catch this thief.

  • Nu ai voie să te întâlnești cu sora mea.
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You might think it can't happen to you, or someone you love, but can you be sure? The work is dating survivor non-fiction account and memoir covering the communication between myself and the scammer, based on my records of our communications.

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By sharing the personal and intimate dating ghetto man of the interactions it asks the reader to put themselves in my shoes, and in response the question "how could you be so stupid? It details the process dating survivor dealing emotionally with the scam and the financial difficulties that I found myself in afterwards.

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It is a story of my process through being a victim to becoming a survivor. Areas that need change are also addressed. Some support resources and links are also provided, though this is not the main purpose.

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