Dating app pentru utilizatorii de marijuana

We'll consider adding the most popular feature requests and suggestions to the game. All the action will take place in the Beach Area of the map, which is already much larger than in Weed Shop 2, until new content is ready.

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Despre acest joc The days of growing weed in your basement or some grimy apartment are over! Weed Shop 2 is going back to Cali where Proposition 64 was just passed, making recreational use of Marijuana completely legal.

Your goal - to finally purchase that 89 Camaro you've been dreaming of or become a weed kingpin, whatever tickles your pickle by turning a run-down medical marijuana dispensary from into the hottest Weed Shop in the dating app pentru utilizatorii de marijuana The hottest Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains.

Lots of grow equipment and capacity upgrades. Fully customizable shop inside and out.

Joc cu acces timpuriu Primește imediat acces și implică-te în testarea jocului pe măsură ce este dezvoltat. Notă: Acest joc aflat în Acces Timpuriu se poate schimba sau nu pe viitor. Dacă nu ești dornic să-l joci aşa cum este el acum, atunci ar trebui să aștepți ca să vezi dacă jocul va ajunge într-un stadiu mai avansat al dezvoltării.

Sales, security, promo and grow staff for hire. Trippy stoned visuals and WTF tasks. Tons of missions and achievements.

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Ability to roll your own joints and smoke up with other stoners. An open-ish and interactive-ish beach environment. GROW Growing weed is as easy as equipping your back room with a grow-light setup, planting a seed and watering your plant till the harvest is ready.

Adăugați în lista de dorințe Instalați Cu 30 de miliarde de compatibilități până în prezent, Tinder® este cea mai populară aplicație din lume pentru a cunoaște oameni noi. Gândește-te la noi ca la cel mai de încredere ajutor—oriunde mergi, noi vom fi acolo. Dacă te afli aici ca să cunoști oameni noi, să îți mărești rețeaua socială, să întâlnești localnici când călătorești sau doar ca să trăiești momentul prezent, ai ajuns în locul potrivit.

However, to make it big, you'll have to unlock higher-yield strains, use nutrients and hydro equipment as well as deal with occasional mite outbreaks. So grab some joints, hit the beach, hand out some free samples and you might earn a new customer or two.

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Take good care of your loyal customers as they will buy larger quantities for higher prices or even spread the word about your shop. HIRE Don't burn yourself out by trying to do everything on your own, hit up the Craigslist and hire some staff.

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The amateur employees will typically be less efficient and, if they're not stoned, sometimes even borderline worthless while the pros might break the bank and smoke all your stash but will get the job done. Since the latter isn't going to happen anytime soon, you'll have to expand your grow room, upgrade the gear and even trick out your front shop to cater to specific groups of stoners.

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Experiment to find the optimal balance of nutrients, water and light for each unique hydro strain for maximum yields. Sell weed, pre-rolled joints, bongs and other paraphernealia as well as the dopest weed edibles in town.

Cumpără Weed Shop 2

By smoking all those joints and blunts you just rolled, of course! Okay, technically you don't really roll blunts, but we never said this was a simulator.

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Anyway, while baked, you'll earn more experience points, your customers will wait in line longer and your employees, oddly enough, will be more efficient at what they do.

Descrierea conținutului pentru adulți Dezvoltatorii descriu conținutul astfel: Acest joc poate include conținut neadecvat pentru toate vârstele sau pentru vizualizarea la locul de muncă: Conținut matur în mod general Cerinţe de sistem.