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Each of the 18 legally recognized religious denominations is entitled to offer religion classes, based on its own religious teachings, in schools. The law also exempts Holocaust survivors residing in foreign countries from having to physically submit their applications for compensation at the pension offices in the country and allows them to use other means of communication to apply. The amount of the pension varies, depending on the type and length of persecution endured.

Section IV. In addition, civil associations wishing to perform religious functions may organize under a separate provision of the law. There were continued reports of the slow pace of restitution of confiscated properties, especially to the Greek Catholic Church and the Jewish community.

During the year, the government rejected restitution claims for confiscated religious properties and approved 48, compared with claims rejected and 52 approved in ; it approved no claims for the Greek Catholic Church. Minority religious groups continued to state that national and local governments gave preference to the ROC, and they reported incidents of government discrimination against them, including exclusive ROC representation at many government-sponsored events.

In May a town with an ethnic Romanian majority erected a monument and Orthodox-style crosses in the Valea Uzului war cemetery, sparking protests by a neighboring, majority-Catholic town with an ethnic Hungarian majority.

Security forces deployed at a dating local în sua in June to keep the two sides apart. Minority religious groups continued to report harassment of their congregations by ROC priests and adherents, including verbal harassment, along with the blocking of their access to cemeteries. In April media reported vandalism at a Jewish cemetery in dating local în sua town of Husi, where individuals destroyed dozens of headstones.

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The president of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania stated the vandalism was the culmination of a series of anti-Semitic acts in the town; no suspects were detained. Some media outlets continued to depict largely Muslim migrants as a threat because of their religion. In March the news site evz. On February 26, the National Anti-Discrimination Dating local în sua released the results of a survey showing a majority of Romanians expressed high levels of distrust towards Muslims 68 percentJews 46 percentand other religious minorities 58 percent.

A European Commission EC Eurobarometer survey published in January reported 6 percent of respondents believed anti-Semitism was a problem in the country, and 67 percent did not.

According to the findings of a separate EC study on perceptions of discrimination published in September, 43 percent of respondents believed discrimination on the basis of religion or belief was widespread in Romania, while 51 percent said it was rare.

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The U. Ambassador at Large for Religious Freedom met with government officials to discuss anti-Semitism, Holocaust remembrance issues, and the general position of the Orthodox Church in the country. In meetings with the general secretary of the government, U. Embassy officials facilitated meetings between the World Jewish Restitution Organization WJRO and government officials to help speed the processes of property restitution and pensions for Holocaust survivors.

The Ambassador participated in Holocaust commemorations and spoke out against religious intolerance in the country.

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Using its Facebook page, the embassy emphasized respect for religious freedom and condemned anti-Semitic incidents. Section I. Religious Demography The U. According to a census by the government, ROC adherents constitute According to the census, there are approximatelyGreek Catholics; however, Greek Catholics estimate their numbers atAtheists and nonbelievers represent less than 1 percent of hrvatski dating portali population.

Of the 64, Muslims accounted for in the census, 43, live in the southeast near Constanta. Most Greek Catholics reside in Transylvania. Protestants of various denominations and Roman Catholics reside primarily in Transylvania. Orthodox and Greek Catholic ethnic Ukrainians live mostly in the north. Orthodox ethnic Serbs are primarily dating local în sua Banat.

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Members of the Armenian Apostolic Church are concentrated in Moldavia and the south. Section II. Status of Government Respect for Religious Freedom Legal Framework The constitution prohibits restricting freedom of thought, opinion, conscience, or religious beliefs, as well as forcing individuals to espouse a religious belief contrary to their convictions.

The constitution states religious denominations shall be autonomous and enjoy state support, including the facilitation of religious assistance in the army, hospitals, penitentiaries, retirement homes, and orphanages.

The law forbids public authorities or private legal entities from asking individuals to specify their religion, with the exception of the census. Organizations in the top two tiers are legal entities, while religious groups are not.

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Civil associations established under separate provisions of the law governing associations and foundations may also engage in religious activities and have the status of legal entities. For additional organizations to obtain recognition as religious denominations, the law specifies they must demonstrate 12 years of continuous activity beginning in A religious association is then eligible to apply for the status of religious denomination if it has a membership of at least 0.

The law defines a religious association as an organization of at least citizens who share and practice the same faith and has attained legal status through registration with the Registry of Religious Associations in the office of the clerk of the court where the main branch of the association is located. To operate as religious associations, organizations also require approval from the National Secretariat for Religious Denominations, which is under the authority of the Office of the Prime Minister.

The law defines a religious group as a group of individuals sharing the same beliefs. Religious groups do not have to register to practice their religion and do not need approval from the national secretariat to operate.

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Civil associations engaged in religious activities function like secular associations and foundations; however, they do not receive the same benefits as religious denominations or religious associations. These associations do not require approval from the National Secretariat for Religious Denominations to operate.

Their registration falls under the provisions of law governing the establishment of foundations, associations, and nongovernmental organizations NGOswhich require a minimum membership of three individuals. Religious denominations are eligible for state financial and other support.

They have the right to teach religion classes in public schools, receive government funds to build places of worship, partially pay clergy salaries with state funds, broadcast religious programming on radio and television, and apply for broadcasting licenses for their own stations. Religious groups do not receive either government funding or tax exemptions. Both religious denominations and religious associations may own or rent property, publish or import religious literature, proselytize, establish and operate schools or hospitals, own cemeteries, and receive tax exemptions on income and buildings used for religious, educational, or other social purposes.

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Religious groups have no legal status to engage in such activities; however, they may practice their religious beliefs, including in public. Civil associations engaged in religious activities may engage in religious worship and own cemeteries. While they do not receive the same tax exemptions or other benefits granted to religious denominations and religious associations, they may receive the tax advantages and other benefits accruing to civil associations and foundations.

Legal provisions allow local authorities to fund places of worship and theological schools belonging to religious denominations, including providing funding for staff salaries and building maintenance, renovation, and conservation or construction of places of worship. No similar provisions exist for religious associations or other associations engaged in religious activities; however, these associations may receive funding through legal provisions for civil associations and foundations.

The law allows all types of religious organizations to bury their dead in cemeteries belonging to other religious organizations, with the exception of cemeteries belonging to local Jewish and Muslim communities.

Executive Summary

By law, non-Muslims and non-Jews are not entitled to be buried in Jewish or Muslim cemeteries. Public cemeteries must have separate sections for each religious denomination if requested by the denominations operating in the locality. The law allows clergy from recognized religious denominations to minister to military personnel.

Under various other arrangements, clergy of recognized religious denominations, and in some cases religious associations, may enter hospitals, orphanages, and retirement homes to undertake religious activities.

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Religious denominations and religious associations may undertake activities in penitentiaries, subject to approval by the director of the detention facility. The law provides for the restitution of yoo ha joon dating properties confiscated between andduring World War II WWII and the ensuing communist regime, as long as the properties are in the possession of the state.

The law does not address the general return of properties currently used as places of worship by another religious group.

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A separate statute on the reinstatement of the Greek Catholic Church regulates the restitution of properties to the Church from the ROC. The law establishes a points system of compensation in cases where in-kind restitution is not possible. The NCREC also validates compensation decisions of other local or central authorities, including those of the Special Restitution Commission SRCwhich decides on restitution claims filed by religious denominations and national minorities.

The law establishes a day deadline by which claimants must submit additional evidence in their cases at the specific request of the entity in charge of resolving their restitution claim. If a claimant does not meet the deadline, the administrative authority may reject the case.

Despre acest joc

The authority may extend the deadline by an additional days if the claimants prove they made a concerted effort to obtain the evidence, usually in the possession of other state authorities, but were unable to do so. The law designates the present-day Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania as the legitimate inheritor of forfeited communal Jewish property and accords priority to private claims by Holocaust survivors.

The law does not address heirless or unclaimed property left by Holocaust victims. Romanian and foreign citizens who were persecuted based on ethnic criteria between and are entitled to a monthly pension. The amount of the pension varies, depending on the type and length of persecution endured. The pension is available to survivors and their families who are no longer Romanian citizens, thus entitling U.

A law that went into effect in July allows Holocaust survivors residing in foreign countries dating local în sua are eligible for compensation in Romania to prove they were victims of racial and ethnic persecution based on official documents released by institutions of the country of residence.


The law also exempts Holocaust survivors residing in foreign countries from having to physically submit their applications for compensation at the pension offices in the country and allows them to use other means of communication to apply.

By law, religious education in schools is optional in both public and private schools. Each of the 18 legally recognized religious denominations is entitled to offer religion classes, based on its own religious teachings, in schools. A denomination may offer classes regardless of the number of students adhering to the denomination in a school. Although a student normally takes a school course based on the religious teachings of the denomination to which the student belongs, it is also possible for a student to take a religion dating local în sua offered by his or her denomination outside the school system and bring a certificate from the denomination to receive academic credit.