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A nonprofit environmental group dedicated to protecting our nation's water reserves. Dar voi, aveți o alta comoara naționala, și seara asta este dedicata ei. Bywa, że dopisują lub przerabiają kwotę na takim zaświadczeniu. Și defapt, acest laborator este dedicat studieri culturismului. Although the initial purpose of the conference was to focus on translation studies exclusively, the organizing committee were open to suggestions and accepted other topics as well. There's a dating Web site dedicated to every demographic.

Evaluați ca 5 din 5, Am adorat. The mix of light and a sarcastic main character to the emotions dealing with the break up and sudden face to face as well as her family issues was just what I needed.

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I chose to read Another Little Piece of my heart because the synopsis sounded like something I would like. I love stories with musicians, and they didn't disappoint, they had a true love for playing and hearing music, and I could relate with it.

I was never good on any instrument, but have loved listening to it, and enjoyed my time dating a musician he played classical and rock, and was amazing on a guitar. Jared is a good guy when he dated Claire, and though I can understand his hurt, I also totally get hers at his popularity being based on a song that is not true.

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She dumped him at the wish of her dying mom, and I think that he should have understood that and stuck by because I know they could have ended up working it out. Mihaela Dumitriu, Ph. To sustain this thesis, the author proceeds to a three-fold approach.

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Firstly, she outlines the major contributions which have succeeded in developing a theory of cognitive models capable of dealing with abstract concepts as well.

Secondly, she describes the specificity of abstract entities versus concrete ones, both from the grammatical perspective and from the acquisition perspective. Diana Ioniţă, Ph. Leaving aside cases of similarity in the structure and meaning of passive constructions, the approach considers only some of the difficult situations in which such constructions occur.

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The author admits that difficulties brought about by the passive constructions have been the core of many debates among linguists in many countries of the world, belonging to different linguistic schools and to various trends, and drawing on this background, she chooses to focus on the types of passive constructions commonly used in the law discourse in order to clarify their peculiarities and special uses.

Carmen Maftei, Ph. The author states that teaching a foreign language has always been considered to be an incredibly challenging task, especially in those situations in which the foreign language to be taught and the native language of the speaker s are significantly different from each other.


For instance, verb categories such as mood, tense, aspect and number, are absent in Chinese. Moreover, the distinction between notional, auxiliary and semi-auxiliary verbs is of utmost importance, due to the fact that certain verbs may have a different status in different contexts e.

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Teaching English verbs to elementary Chinese students is even more challenging. If teenagers and adults have enough experience to understand that there is a great variety of languages functioning in different ways, 7 year-old children cannot grasp the complexity of the mechanisms behind a given language system.

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Iulian Mardar is a teacher at a primary school and a first year master student, specializing in Translation and Interpretation; contact: iulian yahoo.

To achieve this end, the author considers that the theoretical preliminaries call attention to the difficulties of literary translation and presents several aspects of the cognitive approach to metaphor, seen as relevant for her study. Commenting on the un translatability of the metaphor of light, the author eventually tries to prove how the process of translation and the understanding of the message encoded in a literary text are in close connection providing appropriate examples from the Woolfian text.

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Cristina Mălinoiu is a second year master student, specializing in Translation and Interpretation; contact: malinoiuc yahoo. Among the twelve plays produced by the company between andfive engaged with the politics of translation, either as theme, or adaptation of canonised texts in the history of European theatre.

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Ioana Mohor-Ivan, Ph. Mariana Neagu, Ph. The professional business sector — and more specifically the banking business — is one of the many areas which require multilingual and multicultural communication, hence the inevitable presence of translators and interpreters as experts during the business activities.

From daily meetings to more organized occasions, from draft papers to legal documents, translation and interpreting are required to a great extent for the sake of accurate and misunderstanding-free communication as well as for the smooth exchange of information and ideas.

The author questions whether this means that the time of the professional translators and interpreters as specialists has finally come in the field of business interaction and dating guy sarcastic between different banks from different cultures and languages. She equally wonders whether banks acquired by larger banking trusts resort to 11 the professional assistance of translators and interpreters as individuals with expertise in this specific field, be it the translation of documents, directions or the interpreting provided on any communication occasion.

For practical illustration of her viewpoint, she embarks upon a general overview of the current Turkish banking platform in terms of mergers and acquisitions in process and she describes the level of importance attached to the acts and professions of translation and interpreting by specifically considering the cases of three major actors in the Turkish banking business sector, namely the Turkish Economy Bank TEBYapı Kredi Bank YKB and Finansbank.

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Ligia Pîrvu, Ph. Nevertheless, its definition, significance, and applicability within the domain of translation theory have been the source of impassioned debate, and various theories of the concept of equivalence have been elaborated in the past fifty years. Ioan-Lucian Popa, Ph. Do you want this?

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