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If that sounds like too much hassle, there are also several daily trains between Braila and Galati both towns are on the main line to Bucharest. We were told to be waiting between 1.

We had to check out of our apartment so we thought we might as well wait on a shady bench by the cathedral. A quick response providing us with the vehicle registration number confirmed it would be there in 10 minutes. Sure enough, it was. Although only three of us got on the bus in Varna an Algerian guy appeared at the last minute! The short story is that getting from Varna to Constanta by bus is easy when you have the know-how! The name of the bus company is Mercado Sud and all the information is on their website in Romanian only.

The service may only operate between April and September. This was our main reason for wanting to visit Constanta, a city on the Romanian Black Sea coast. Although Constanta has a history dating back some 2, years — Jason and the Argonauts are said to have visited after finding the Golden Fleece — these days, it is mainly sun-seekers that flock to the resort town. What to do in Constanta Admire Constanta Casino The original casino was wooden and dates back varna dating site but it was redesigned in Art Nouveau style in and is a stunning piece of architecture.

Despite this, the casino is worth seeing from the outside.

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Constanta Casino Stroll along Constanta Seafront Promenade and Beach The casino sits at the end of a sweeping seafront promenade, perfect for a stroll. During the summer months, music festivals are held on the beach. The square is a popular meeting place and a connecting point between the town and the seafront.

The old synagogue looked like it would have once been an impressive building, and online photos showed it looking very attractive in its current abandoned state. Sadly, a couple of angry dogs halted our attempts at getting a closer look. We stayed at Casa Kito which was OK. In most respects, it was much better than many reviews on Booking.

Our only niggle was that it could have been a bit cleaner, especially the kitchen and public areas.

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The walls were a bit thin a ubiquitous feature of cheap accommodation in this part of the world but we were lucky and generally had considerate neighbours.

Location-wise, it suited us being in the newer albeit slightly more run down in feel part of town closer to the bus station and also the beach but if you varna dating site to be a bit closer to the action in the old town, consider somewhere like Casa cu fluturia budget guesthouse where rooms have shared bathrooms.

Alternatively, look at the more sophisticated Casa Chintoan. Prices in Constanta can rise dramatically during the summer months, especially if there is an event, so double-check accommodation costs before firming up plans. Constanta to Tulcea The bus leaving Constanta for Tulcea went from a different station to the one we arrived at. The bus station name is Autogara TraceTrans and is in the Tomis 3 district of the city.

Buy a ticket for 2 lei from the kiosk by the stop and remember to punch it on the machine on the bus.

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Alternatively, you could take a taxi. At the Autogara TraceTrans, buy your ticket from the small office by the platform. Tulcea A bustling port city, Tulcea is known as the gateway to the Danube Delta, and whilst you could use it merely as a stopover point on the journey from Varna to Odessa, it would be a shame not to factor in some time in the Delta itself.

However, if you are opting for the Delta and time is tight, the ferry departs at 1. Tulcea promenade Where to stay in Tulcea We stayed at Villa Maraa small family-run guesthouse, a short walk from the train, bus and ferry terminals.

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No English is spoken but the owner is very friendly and we got by fine. If you prefer a conventional hotel, try something like the Hotel Deltaa large complex on the waterfront. Tulcea into the Danube Delta The Danube Delta is only accessible by boat and the simplest way of getting there is by Navrom, the state ferry company. You can check the routes, timings and ticket prices on their easy-to-navigate website.

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Returning to Tulcea from either Sulina or Sfantu Gheorghe, two of the main Delta towns, a ferry leaves from both ports at 7 am, so it should be easy to catch an onward bus once back in Tulcea. We got off the slow ferry at Braila For us, Braila Brăila in Romanian was what we call a wild card. Breaking the journey in random places that we know little about has resulted in some of our most rewarding travel experiences.

Rows of colourful brollies dance above the end of Strada Mihai Eminescu, a pedestrianised shopping street. There are also some interesting buildings on the street including the ornate and now abandoned, Hotel Pescarus.

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Braila See the historic and very blue Clock Tower on Piața Traian Built in and a city landmark, the public clock sits in a small park in the centre of town. Built inin more recent times the glass-domed tower has served as a restaurant. It closed in and is now abandoned, apparently awaiting restoration.

Running down the middle is a collection of stainless-steel sculptures and kinetic fountains.

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At the top is another fountain which puts on a little sound and light performance after dark. The Esplanada area felt like the social hub of the town with far more people milling about than in other parts of the town we visited. Braila City Hall left and the Hotel Traian right Where to stay in Braila A reoccurring feature of off-the-beaten-path travel in this part of the world is the lack of hostels and budget accommodation.

Varna dating site were very tempted to stay at the socialist-era style, centrally located Hotel Traian but in the end, we opted for something a little cheaper. We stayed at the Paris Hotel which was fine for a night.

The only downside is that, yet again, the walls are terribly thin. Also, some rooms have internal windows, so request a room with external windows. When we arrived at Braila bus station, we checked the timings for onward buses to Galati.

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There was no one to ask so we went with the schedules displayed at the bus bays and inside the waiting room. Sure enough that worked out and we were dropped off on a random street on the other side of town where there were a few minivans known as maxi taxis in Romania gathered.

Five minutes later, we were Galati-bound.

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If that sounds like too much hassle, there are also several daily trains between Braila and Galati both towns are on the main line to Bucharest. The train station is another modernist beauty worth seeing.

Random side-note: Incruise ships starting running between Odessa and Braila.

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Se pot organiza călătorii către frumoasele locuri ce le oferă Varna. We can organize trips to the beautiful places Varna can offer.

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Varna, un minunat şi atractiv staţiunea turistică în Bulgaria Varnaa wonderful and attractive tourist resort town in Bulgaria Varna este, de asemenea, un candidat pentru Capitala Culturală a Europei în Varna is also a candidate for European Capital of Culture in Centrul de Festivaluri şi Congrese din Varna a fost înființat în anul The Festival and Congress Centre - Varna is created in Acesta se afla la 18 km nord de Varna.

It lies 18 km north of Varna. E un chei la câțiva km nord de Varna dating site. There's a pier a few miles north of Varna. Transport între staţiunea Nisipurile de Aur şi Varna este un foarte bine organizat. Transportation between the resort of Golden Sands and Varna is a very well-organized. Entuziaşti navigatie o infrastructură completă şi oferta de servicii: Varna, Balcic, Nessebar şi Burgas. Sailing enthusiasts a complete infrastructure and services offer: VarnaBalchik, Nessebar and Bourgas.

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