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Linked with Sie haben das Leid anderer zugelassen!

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Added on April 20, linked also with Seyran Ates — Turkey. Necla Kelek … born December 31, in Istanbulis a German feminist and social scientistholding a doctorate in this field, originally from Turkey. Necla Kelek … moved to Germany at the age of French philosopher Pascal Bruckner accused Ian Buruma and Timothy Garton Ash of propagating a form of multiculturalism that amounts to legal apartheid.

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His fiery polemic unleashed an international debate here. Below Necla Kelek stakes out her position … full long text. She found solace in school, but her life was bound by prohibitions: no swimming, no sports, no playing outdoors and no German friends because they were infidels.

At age 17, Kelek could no longer bear it. She ran away the day her father threatened her with an ax.

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Up to 15, girls, many of them between 14 and 18 years old, are forced into marriage every year to Turkish boys living in Germany, Kelek said. Necla Kelek im deutschen Wikipedia. She refrained from going further into the accusations directed against her and on her part, accused those who signed the petition of arguing unscientifically.

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Despite the actual state of affairs, they represent the illusion of the successful integration kutchi dating online Moslem migrants.