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Takahiro expressed his gratitude Thank you to everyone for your support. She She currently appears in number of Emi is currently appearing in 10 CMs and it has been revealed that her agency "is negotiating penalties for breach of contract which might reach up to 1 billion yen in total. She and Takahiro starred together in Detective Designated for Assignment. I didn't know both of them are married to each other :'' haven't been catching up with exile related stuff or J-entertainment but Congrats to them~~ And all the best for parenthood!!

Они торопились во тьме по Центральной равнине.

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Ричард расположился на переднем сиденье, возле водителя, за ним - Арчи, Элли и Никки. Ричард обернулся назад и напомнил Арчи о пяти типах биотов в Новом Эдеме.

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Тут Гарсиа прервала. - Заключенный Уэйкфилд обязан повернуться вперед и молчать.

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