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The Provider undertakes to answer for the correctness of the data written on the transport document, and the correct packaging and labelling of parcels. The Provider declares that this obligation, according to this point, refers solely to the obligation to send the forms blank Customer, does not include the verification of form and the content of the completed forms and handed over directly to its partners, and those sent back to the Provider. Why are cookies used?

To make it easier to manage your reservations, you can open a user account. This allows you to save your personal settings, review previous bookings and manage future reservations. We may also receive information about you when you use certain social media services.

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Why does Traveler collect, use and share your personal data? Reservations: First and foremost, we use your personal data to complete and administer your online reservation and forward your reservation details to the accommodation you have booked.

Sharing your details with our global customer service allows for a quick response when you need us — including helping you find an appropriate services and any questions you might have about your reservation. Guest reviews: We may use your contact information to invite you to write a guest review after your stay.

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This can help other travelers choose a place to stay that suits them best. Account administration: We offer a user account facility on our website. We use the information you give us to administer this, allowing you to manage your bookings, take advantage of special offers, make future reservations more easily and manage your personal settings.

It also allows you to see any reviews you submitted about places you stayed in. Marketing activities: We also use your information for marketing activities, as permitted by law. For example: When you make a reservation with us or set up a user account, we may use your contact information to send you news about similar travel-related products and services.

We also send our customers regular newsletters by email. You can opt out, or unsubscribe, from marketing communication at any time. Based on the information you share with us, individualized offers may be shown to you on the Traveler website, in mobile apps or on third-party websites, including social media sites. When we believe that a particular offer may be of interest to you, we may decide to make contact with you by phone. Other communications: There may be other times when we get in touch by email, by post, by phone or by texting you, depending on the contact information you share with us.

There could be a number of reasons for this: We may need to respond to and dating northamptonshire uk requests dating northamptonshire uk have made. We believe that this additional service is useful to you because it allows you to carry on with a reservation without having to search for the service items again or fill in all the reservation details from scratch.

When you use our services, we may send you a questionnaire or invite you to provide a review about your experience with Traveler. Market research: We sometimes ask our customers to take part in market research.

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Any additional personal details that you give us as part of the market research will only be used with your consent. Fraud detection and prevention: We may use personal data for the detection and prevention of fraud and other illegal or unwanted activities. Improving our services: Finally, we use personal information for analytical purposes, to improve our services, enhance the user experience, and improve the functionality and quality of our online travel services.

How does Traveler use social media? For example, we integrated social media plugins into the Traveler website. So when you click on one of the buttons and register with your social media account, information is shared with your social media provider, and possibly presented on your social media profile to be shared with others in your network.

Cart 0 Function page: Privacy and Cookies Your privacy is important to us. We value your trust and are committed to protecting and safeguarding any personal information you give us. This document, which we update from time to time, describes how we use and process your personal data and how we use cookies. It also tells you how you can contact us if you have questions about your personal information. The information that follows applies to all of these platforms.

In addition to implementing these buttons, Traveler uses social media by maintaining accounts on several social media sites and by offering social apps. These social media services may allow you to share information with Traveler. This information is necessary to create a unique user experience either in the app itself or on our website.

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It facilitates things like personalizing our website to suit your needs, connecting you with your friends on travel destinations and analyzing and enhancing our travel-related services. We may also enable you to sign in to Traveler services with your social media accounts.

Your social media provider will be able to tell you more about how they use and process your data in such cases. How does Traveler share your data with third parties? In certain circumstances, we may share your personal data with third parties.

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This may include information like your name, contact and payment details, the names of guests traveling with you and any preferences you specified when making a booking. Your local Traveleroffice: In order to support you during the reservation process and throughout your stay, your details may be shared with subsidiaries of the Traveler corporate family.

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To find out more about the Traveler corporate family, visit About Traveler. Your information might also dating northamptonshire uk shared with other members of the Traveler group for example: Agoda. Third-party service providers: We may use third-party service providers to process your personal information on our behalf for the purposes specified above.

For example, we may use service providers to send the reservation information on our behalf to the service item you just booked, or we may instruct third parties to contact you. The minutes will be kept for one year after the delivery of the package. The Provider will use the amount drawn from the recovery to reduce the expenditure from maintaining the packages non-returnable or will be available to be used for this purpose.

General rules for the use of services E. Liability Of The Provider E. The Provider accepts the carrying out of the shipment only if the package is received with the appropriate package and label from the Supplier. If the packages are not packed in an appropriate manner, their collection is carried out only on the responsibility of the Supplier customer. The Provider undertakes to answer for the correctness of the data written on the transport document, and the correct packaging and labelling of parcels.

If the packaging is improperly made by the Provider, the Supplier will not be responsible for any damage to the package during transport.

The Provider's responsibility — whether the same person is with the Customer or not — to ensure that the contents of the package comply with the laws and General Terms and Conditions of the Transport.

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The contents of the package may not be an object or material whose transport is prohibited by law or under the Terms and Conditions. Checking the content of the package is not the obligation of the Provider, in case it contains materials excluded from transport or if it can be transported in special conditions. However, in the case in which, at any step of performing the transport service, it is found that certain items or the entire contents of the shipment is excluded from transport or the necessary conditions for the transport are not completely satisfied, I will send you the parcel Recipient.

The Client and the Provider are responsible collectively for damage caused by the package of life, health and physical integrity of persons, also, on other objects, the equipment of the Provider and other parcels; they are forced to bear their own damages and to pay the additional expenses of the service Provider for example returns, repackaging dating northamptonshire uk derived from the compensation of damages, etc.

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Packaging, closing, addresses It is the responsibility of the Supplier — regardless if it is the same person with the Client or not — to ensure that the address is indicated in the suitable manner for transport and packaging which will protect him, will confer safety appropriate to the nature of the content.

The packaging of the parcels will be made in such a manner that the content inside will be protected, according to the characteristics, nature, shape, weight of the content. For sheathing will choose clean packaginglight-colored, which will not prevent the legibility of the address and on the surface which can stick lightweight and durable address and other signs.

It does not require the packaging of the objects, that are not packaged according to the practice applied in the trade. Closing packages will have to ensure that content cannot be accessed without obvious damage to the shell. The indication of the address on the package will be made in clean wayclear and legible manner.

The Addressant's name will be placed entirely on the package. More than one name may be indicated for the Addressant. The address will be made in such waythat the address of the Provider and of the Addressant is visibly dating northamptonshire uk. The data relating to the address shall be indicated with the Latin letters, Arabic numerals in the case of sectors, streets, numbers, blocks, floors, flats, according to the case, dating northamptonshire uk roman numberslegibly, on the package, on the wrapper or on the document which indicates the address of the trapped well of the package — with ink, typedwith the pen or printed respectively on the list of addresses attached to the parcel on the accompanying documents.

You can also apply a suspended, glued or sewn address document, which will be fixed on the package so that it does not fall during the management. The Provider has the obligation to specify the following data per package: name of Addressant sor the name; place of destination of the package-name of the locality; location of address-street, name of the public space, number if not, cadastral numberscale; nearest address-floor, indicating the apartment; Postal Code; in case of parcels sent abroad,shall be indicated the country and the telephone number of the addressee from abroad.

In case when the parcel will be specify multiple target groups, the Provider will take into account that and returns address of the first Addressee is indicated, and if the one indicates a post office, the Provider will take into account the other address.

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Establishment and payment of fees for services F. Fixing of duties For the use of the services presented in this document, the Customer — in this case -will pay a fee based on an invoice issued by the Provider. Customers acknowledge that in case the billing data is missing on the order, the Provider will consider the Customer data as billing data. Invoices issued by the supplier contain gross amounts, according to the legislation on Taxation and payment of VAT. The parties have the obligation to acknowledge and accept that, with the delivery of the order, the Consumer expressly requests the start of the transport service.

In case of termination, the person who bears the expenses or the consumer is obliged to pay to the Provider, the amount related to the services performed until the conclusion of the contract.

According to them, if the Customer, the Consumer or the Provider withdraws from the contract concluded on the basis of the order datând din marea britanie asian a time when the Provider is already on the way, then the Customer or the Provider, in addition to the general obligations, is obliged to pay a quarter of the fee for the shipment of that package all other expenses are arising from the start of the services provided by the Provider.

Also, the service Provider undertakes that, in the case of full payment in advance, you will repay, within 10 business days of becoming aware of the withdrawal or cancellation of the transport service by the Consumer, the party who made the payment, in the same way as the payment of the consideration, the gainst the service of transport, which exceeds the value of the services performed by the Provider, i.

If the Consumer requests the right of waiver after the beginning of dating northamptonshire uk fulfillment, the amount to be paid by the consumer will be calculated according to the full amount of the counter-service transportation, plus tax. The Customer is obliged to acknowledge the fact that, in the case in which the dating northamptonshire uk on the package indicated by the command differs from the data received as a result of performing measurements by the Provider, and in the following the difference in weight or size results of the package obligation the payment of an additional fee, then the Provider has the right to issue the invoice.

The Client is committed to the payment of this fee within 8 days from the receipt of the invoice issued by him.

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The service fee is set by the Provider. The Provider has the right to request the fees related to the services and other amounts related to the package within one year after the delivery of the package. In the case in which the Client or person appointed, who bear the expenses, late fee payment due the Provider, through non-compliance with the specified deadline on the invoice issued by the Provider, then the Provider has the right, besides the tax due, and late fees for each day of delay, to the extent established by the law.

Also, Clients acknowledge the fact that, in the case in which the Provider will start the face of the one obliged to pay the tax any procedure for the recovery of debts expired and other amounts, then dating northamptonshire uk Provider has the right to ask the liable person and all the expenses related to starting procedures.

Payment methods The payment of taxes on Transport Services can be made in the following ways: Cash on delivery: the Customer will indicate to the Provider if he will collect from the addressee the value of the services. The Customer is obliged to acknowledge the fact that, if in order to indicate the wrong bank account to transfer the money received through the procedure of reimbursement, then the Provider is liable only in respect of the transfer of the money in the indicated bank accountbut does not have the obligation nor the right to check if your bank account is an existing account and to whom it belongs, respectively does not assume any responsibility if the transfer in the account given has failed.

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Dating northamptonshire uk the transferred amount to the wrong account will be returned to the Provider, he is obliged to keep the amount according to the rules of responsible keeping.

Also, Clients are required to acknowledge the fact that the Provider is exempt from any responsibility and obligation of indemnification if the gained amount by the procedure of cash which has been transferred in the bank account indicated by the Customer, will not be able to be accessed by the one who dispose of the account, other reasons that affect your account.

Bank Transfer: if paying by bank transfer, the Customer will receive the invoice issued by the Provider, along with confirmation of the order by e-mail after submitting the order. Posting by mail is possible only if, instead of sending by electronic means, the customer has chosen sending by mail. We'll show the bank details on the bill in the upper left corner. If you pay through its banking interface, the Customer can justify the payment by sending the confirmation on the transfer.

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Clients acknowledge that, only after the receipt of the document which confirms the payment, the Supplier will send the shipping documents to which it committed and only then will come the courier at the address indicated by the Customer.

Services The Provider performs the transport and delivery after confirmation of the take-over registered on its web page.

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Offered Services Courier about intermediation services : Courier Services intermediation: Intermediation services, postal express: in their framework, the partner Provider pick up the package from the service Provider, after that you go to the point of processing where they will perform the keeping of the shipment, storage and its processing. After picking up the package, it will be sent by the Supplier's partner.

Are considered the following additional special services : the administration of the package so that it can be traced insurance service shipment with time guarantee express The package fee will be paid according to the provisions of Chapter 6.

dating northamptonshire uk Picking up of the packages The collection of the parcels is made within the defined interval, after the written request, at the Working point of the Provider or at his address. The Provider informs the Client about the approximate time of the shipment collection by his partner at the work point.

Picking up of the packages is performed in the basis of the agreement between the Client and the Provider, by the courier hired by the partner brokered by the Provider. The Client is not obliged to be presented at the pickup address, if the person of the client differs from that of the Provider.

In order to collect the package it is necessary for the Provider to have on him, printed, the documents sent to the Client. The Customer is obliged to acknowledge the fact that it is the obligation of the Provider or his partner to check the relationship between Client and Provider and they don't check this, but only require the submission of printed documents and the presentation of the identity document of the Provider, i.

The Provider and his partner will request — in case of reasonable suspicion-the Provider will justify on the spot if the package does not contain prohibited or illegal objects.

In the case in which the Provider is opposed to this request, the courier has the right to refuse delivery, in which case it will apply the rules stipulated in the Terms and Conditions relating to refusal to pick up the package. The conclusion of the contract of services, i. If, after verification, the courier believes that the package represents a threat to the safety of his personal, or that it is inappropriate transport equipment transport at your disposal, you can refuse delivery, as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions.


Weight and size limits The weight and size limits of the packages that can be transported with the supplier's partners, taking into account their transport equipment, are the following: in the case of transport by car can be 40 kg. Delivery of packages H. General delivery dating northamptonshire uk The Provider's partner will abuzul național de dating the package to the indicated address by the Provider, on the package or on the accompanying document, unless the parties or Addressant of the package have otherwise.

In the event that delivery is prevented, the partner of the Provider, or the Provider, based on the information received from the partner, will notify the Provider by phone or electronically.

According to the provisions of the provider-in addition to the payment of the total fee to the Provider-the package will be returned by The Courier. Addressing improper or unidentifiable I mean the exact location of the shipment Recipient cannot be established will not relieve the service Provider of an attempt to fulfill its obligations undertaken through the contract for the provision of services, but in the case of impossibility of dispatch due to the address improper or unidentifiable, the Provider is exempt from the obligation of respectively compensation, Along with this, has the right to issue an invoice for the entire fee of the transport service provided by the Client or the one who bear the costs.

Place of dispatch H. Home delivery The Supplier's partner in the country will send all parcels at home.

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Indirect dispatch The Provider's patner will send you the package, in place of the individual Recipientin defined cases by law, the organization which works to address, or to the person entitled to retrieve the packages for it — at the place provided by the service Provider indirectly.

It's Impossible to send by indirect way: incorrectly recorded package package with special delivery services to the Addressee cash on delivery all the parcels whose indirect shipment is excluded from the agreement of the parties or by law; parcel, for which the Addressee refuses indirect delivery of the Supplier The Dating northamptonshire uk partner shall notify to the Addressee by notification of the arrival of parcels that cannot be delivered directly.

The indirect Provider is obliged for employees to manage separately the parcels that arrive for themselves. Delivery of the package to the entitled person to take it over The entitled person to take over is considered the Addressee, the proxy, the one who takes over the indirect parcel instead of the person.

The Supplier's partner has the right to send any package to the person taking over. With the surrender to the person with the right to take over, the Provider fulfills his service contract.

Ko soo dating has the right to pick-up of parcels addressed to legal persons, the organizations of business without legal personality and other organisations hereinafter: the organization person being in position of leadership.


The Provider and their partner consider a parcel addressed to an organization, if the address of the parcel for the organization, along with the name of the organization, has been specified and the individual, or on the package appears the person's name and physical address of the organization — without its name.

The person who has the right to take over, besides the Addressant, is responsible for the delivery of the package to the Addressant, according to the general regulations of the civil law. If taking the parcel intended for the natural person is not recognized by the Addressee, the one who takes it is obliged to indicate the relationship between the Addressee. In case of refusal of the signature, dating northamptonshire uk Provider or resend the package to the Provider through the partner-with the presentation of the reason.

A Nativity Play is often performed at carol services for primary schools, The birth of Jesus is usually told through readings from the Bible in schools for older children. Christmas carols are sung by the students, who practice for the event during classes in December.

It is now often traditional to hold them as community outreach events a good example of this the carols service that takes place every year at Beckworth's emporium in Northamptonshire. This is a partnership between the business and the local parish church. The images relating to this event can be seen at www. Citește mai multe Definiția carol service în dicționarul Engleză Definiția serviciului de carol din dicționar este un serviciu, ținut într-o biserică în jurul Crăciunului, la care se cântă colinde de Crăciun.

The definition of carol service in the dictionary is a service, held in a church around Christmas, at which Christmas carols are sung.